A New Century – Neil Lennon hits 100

Neil Lennon – The Lurgan Tiger
Neil Lennon will be in charge for his 100th game as Celtic manager today. Lennon has now been in charge for 680 days and what a time of it he has had. With an astonishing 72% win rate Lennon’s record is as good as any Celtic manager in the clubs history.
To reach this milestone Lennon has had to put up with so much hatred from others that it’s amazing he’s still sane never mind still the Manager of Celtic. As I suppose a lot of fans would agree at Kilmarnock earlier this season with Celtic 3 – 0 down most of us never thought he’d be in the job that evening. The players went out in the second half and put in an inspirational performance but it’s clear where the inspiration came from. The Manager. Since then apart from a game against Hibs his team have been unstoppable winning 16 games in a row.
So what kind of manager is Lennon?
Well if nothing else he is a phenomenal learner, he very seldom makes the same mistake twice. He is quickly becoming tactically astute as witnessed in Undinese and the Hearts game on Wednesday where he successfully countered the Hearts mangers changes. He has a great eye for a player, some of the guys he has brought in on a tight budget are top quality young players who will move on to bigger leagues for a good return on Lennon’s investment. Most of all he is a born winner who will work tirelessly to achieve his goals.
Congratulations Neil, here’s looking forward to the next hundred.
Hail, Hail

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