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Politicians in general never cease to amaze me. But they really have surpassed themselves this week.
Over the past 6 months alone we have had 1 onslaught after another mainly from an SNP Government desperate to be loved. Determined to push through with legislation which was devised to “even things up” irrespective of the obvious flaws in this legislation, these clowns pushed on with it.
Already, Celtic fans have had charges brought against them with little or no evidence against the individuals, the charges dropped and thrown out of court, all at the expense of the taxpayer……thats right, remember them, the normal you and me type of taxpayer ?
Now politicians from the SNP and Conservative ( or to give them their formal name The Conservative & Unionist Party) are lining up to fawn and pander to those over at Comedy Central.
We have had Shona Robison MSP for Dundee East looking after her constituents interests by pleading that all the wrongs committed by Scotland’s Shame are forgiven and life goes on.
Today we have King Alex telling us “”The most diehard Celtic supporter understands that Celtic can’t prosper unless Rangers are there.”
It gets worse, or funnier, depending what mood your in.
Now we also have the UKs Prime Minister David Cameron hitting out with “I want that club to survive and to thrive”. Of course you do David.
So, can the floodgates now open ? If you are lucky enough to have a job just now you must be so looking forward to contacting Hector and telling him to shove his demand for part of your wage at the end of the month. This effectively is what Scotlands Shame FC have been doing for the last decade. When you do, please remind him that in Scotland this is an acceptable way to act, afterall all you have the OK from Alex Salmond with the full backing of the PM.
Politicians are  looked upon by some as slimey, egotistic and  untrustworthy characters who like to mingle with other slimey, egotistical and untrustworthy characters so I’m quite sure the 3 mentioned above are at ease defending the zillionaire at Comedy Central.
The fact that many of the voices who are speaking out (or defending the faith) have completely forgotten that Timmy also has a vote these days must truly grind on them. Apathy may however win the day and come the Local Elections on May the 3rd 2012 every fan should look back and remember the anger they felt on weeks such as this and let their votes reflect that anger.
UEFA have previously discouraged Governments (Nigeria, Poland and Ukraine) from interfering in the running of their Football Associations  and so it will be interesting to see how they react to the pleas of our Government officials.
One final word, and not from a Politician but from someone who has a misguided feeling of his own importance. Its a tweet from Graham Speirs yesterday
“All over Scotland, I see people dancing on R*ngers grave. It is almost like a great cultural revenge for the varied sins of this club”
I hope the Politicians think on those first 3 words and wonder why before they open their mouths.

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