Friday's Daily Bigot – A nice one to end the week

The Celtic Network has been inundated this week with requests to name and shame bigots therefore what the Cybertims want the Cybertims get. To tell the truth we could have easily posted around 20 blogs this week relating to these vile lowlifes from the other side of the Clyde but we’ve just picked a few due to the fact that we had an increase in Celtic Network followers who wished to write blogs for the site. I’m sure you’ll agree they have submitted some really good stuff and we hope there will be more contributions from our followers and members.
So we’ll be back to writing about football again for a few weeks but just to tide you over here is a perfect example of what you end up with when you drag someone up in a vile environment.
This is @GF1A another bigoted coward who hides behind a keyboard. This specimen is actually a lot dafter than most because he includes @KeepPeopleSafe  Strathclyde Police in his crazy rants.
Have a nice weekend 🙂

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