The Truth – RFC are bad news for Scotland

There was no shortage of Rangers supporters willing to smirk at their impoverished foes while dreaming of European Cup triumphs to come.
A line from Rangers Tax Blog’s Guardian piece.
So why should the Celtic support give a Monkey’s about them ?
I had a ‘discussion’ one night back in the mid nineties with a rangers fan who unfortunately was related to me. I happened to say to him that I believed that Celtic FC would come back as a bigger club than they had ever been and be the biggest club in Scotland.
Now considering this guy was my mate his answer was shocking. He informed me that we ” were paupers and deserved what we were getting”
Well as years roll on I think I’ve won the argument 🙂
Unfortunately the ‘Peepil’ are still here and their media will try to persuade anyone with no brain that Rangers are Scottish Football.
F*ck them. RFC are a corrupt boil on the arse of Scottish football and the sooner that boil is lanced the better.
Any Scottish football fan who thinks that there is no life beyond RFC should stop and think.
Is football about 11 v 11 or is it a political charade ?
RFC have used UK armed forces as a means to generate cash. Unfortunately they never bothered their arse to pay HMRC .
The sooner this shower of cheats are closed down the better for Scotland.

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