Celt's deserve a full house

A rallying call is being sent out across the Celtic Family to get Celtic park sold out for Wednesday nights clash with Dunfermline. The game will be our first home party since the other club went into admin. As well as that it is now clear that Celtic can secure the SPL title within a matter of weeks and the reason for that is not just the ten pts deduction that RFC have been dealt but the total consistency and commitment shown by our team over the passed few months.
This is why Celtic park should be full on Wednesday. We need to show our manager and our team that we really appreciate the work they have put in and help drive them onto the title. The club are also trying to ensure that the game is more affordable by charging only £5 entry for kids and other concessions. See here http://celticfc.net/newsstory?item=2210
Lets get Celtic park rocking on Wednesday night, get along there with your party hat’s , balloons and streamers and join in the pre title win party. We’ll show the rest that you can have a full house family friendly party with out resorting to sectarian bigotry.
Remember and get you banners out for the TCN camera
Hail, Hail

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