Scottish Media Plumbing The Depths

It appears that the Celtic support, our club and anyone who does sympathise with the mess RFC have got themselves into are now fair game for the Scottish media. This so called collective of ‘professionals’ are the ones who have spent the past decades and more damming the last two years being complicit in a conspiracy of silence to cover up possible major Tax fraud by a major Scottish football club and don’t be under any illusions Their football club RFC.
Over the weekend we have been treated to Jim Traynor calling members of the public ‘idiots’ on a publicly funded phone in show. We have had Rob McLean also on a publicly funded broadcast service hinting that a referee was to blame for people chanting sectarian abuse towards him (at the very least McLean’s words were ill considered) with Graham Spiers showing support for McLean on Twitter by calling everyone who were not happy with McLean’s comments ‘Desperate’.
The latest to try and point the finger at Celtic seems to be the man behind the ‘coughing conspiracy’ lie Bill Leckie who is now telling Neil Lennon to shut up about stripping RFC of tainted trophies by hinting that Celtic might not like an investigation into their tax affairs during the tenure of the old Celtic board. Bring it on Mr Leckie I’m sure if we go down that road no club in Scotland would have a trophy to their name because every club used to knock a few thousand off attendances at games including the SFA  in relation to cup and international games at Hampden. No doubt, Mr Leckie will assure us that RFC never indulged in this practice.
The bottom line is this. These so-called ‘professionals’ in the Scottish media are no more than discredited lazy churnalists who will say anything for a plate of Succulent Lamb. Over the past few years they have been shown up by guys like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Rangers Tax case blog, Paul McConville , Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan as well as many independent fans groups on the internet. It should  also be noted that only one person on this list is in fact a true professional investigative Journalist the rest are people who have given their own time to brining light to the murky affairs going on at Ibrox.
Time is up for these discredited hacks who make a living by peddling half truths and lies as we have said before there are far more credible sources for news and comment out there and especially through our partners on the Celtic Network.
“Turn off Clyde and Support your side” – Home Bhoys

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