FAO. Ra Peepil – Celtic have never been in Administration.

We receive a lot of comments from fans of Rangers FC (in administration) which for obvious reasons never make it through the moderation process, therefore saving the world from reading vile unadulterated nonsense.
Over the past week we have received many comments from the followers of Rangers FC (in administration) telling us that we and the laptop loyal have been two-faced because and I quote just one of many “nothing was said when you lot were in administration”. We’ve also had a few sparked by some woman’s comments on a radio phone in informing us that we should be stripped of titles because Celtic FC was liquidated during the take over in the 90’s.
So to save these ‘peepil’  from further public humiliation we would like to spell the facts.
Celtic FC, Celtic plc  and The Celtic Football and Athletic Company 1888 have NEVER been at any time involved in either Administration OR Liquidation events.
Celtic FC’s timeline has NEVER been interrupted due to the fact that when Fergus McCann and the Celtic support took over The Celtic Football and Athletic Company 1888 that company became a Subsidiary of Celtic PLC. All that happened was that The Celtic Football and Athletic Company 1888 was re-branded and renamed Celtic Football Club.
We hope this information will take a weight off the ‘peepils’ minds and let them concentrate on their considerable troubles.
Thank You.

6 thoughts on “FAO. Ra Peepil – Celtic have never been in Administration.

    1. Thanks Div. or should I say divmccormick@hotmail.com who’s IP address is Now we know that that IP address is a proxy but we also know that you sent that from your blackberry 93-186-30-243.rdns.blackberry.net at 8.50pm. This address and account are owned by Research In Motion UK Limited who deliver Blackberry services in the UK. That’s all we need to have you convicted.
      Well done mate, I hope you think it’s worth it 🙂

  1. Div mc….hahahahahahaahahaah fcuking roaster
    Well in our Jamesy bhoy lol
    Zombie basterwards

  2. Maybe we should inform such parties that their phones/services are being used for sectarian purposes…..mmmmmmm or have we done that already?
    p.s. Hi div…..or is it goodbye?

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