Welcome to Salmond's Scotland.Football fans should be seen and not heard.

Well the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 is finally part of Scots law as from 12.00 am this morning.
It’s one of the most ill-conceived and badly drafted laws that you are likely to see in your lifetime. Many of us actively fought against it but unfortunately we failed to halt its progress through parliament. The two main factors for this where 1. Not enough football fans rallied to the call, 2. The SNP were totally single minded. This law was going through regardless of any ones opinions.
The only people to have won out of this are the Police. The same Police who never enforced the existing laws that covered religious and racial hate crimes. Now we football fans are stuck with a law in which power is handed to the Police to decide if you may have been offensive in a pub, on a bus or in the street if you are going to or are in the vicinity of a football match but not any other sporting venue or occasion. The bottom line is that all football fans and football fans only have now been categorised as a sub section of society.
We expect many cases which appear in court to be robustly defended and that over time this law will be proved as being unworkable and mainly unenforceable. One thing it will not do is combat ingrained racism and sectarianism in Scottish society therefore it is a failed law before it even kicked in today.
As we have constantly stated we do welcome the ‘Threatening Communications’ section of this law. It’s high time that internet threats and hatred on line was tackled in general. However if this Government and the Police are really serious about enforcement then they could send a clear signal of intent by immediately closing down Follow, Follow, Vanguard Bears just to mention two hate filled sites and prosecute the administrators and individual members. These sites are a breeding ground for religious and racial hatred and have no place either in society or on the internet.
We look forward to seeing how this new law is prosecuted.
A big shout out to FAC, CSA, GREEN BRIGADE, AICSC and others who tried to Kill The Bill

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