Rangers stripped of titles.

March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized by Wullie Broon

If Rangers were to be stripped of titles, firstly, do you think they should be awarded to other teams, and more importantly, would you want them?

In recent years Juventus were stripped of titles (2) that were won by unfair means, so a precedent has been set, however whilst one title was retrospectively awarded to another team, the other was left vacant with no winner.

Personally I’d be happier for the latter stance to be adopted, if we were to be retrospectively awarded it is a stigma we would never get away from, and would be empty bragging rights and indeed cost us the moral highground.

It is clear under current circumstances (and likely the foreseeable future), that it is now in our ability to take the record away from them by fair means and our own ability.