Forget about the money. It's all about integrity now.

I’ll start by sharing my joy with the rest of the Celtic Family. Neil Lennon has dragged his team and the support  from despair to absolute joy in the space of four months. The team are showing some amount of guts and determination and I really can’t think of the last time it was so good to be a Tim.
To sum it up Our Club, Our Manager and our team are winning on every front. That will do for me.
Now on to the other team with the astrix next to their name. There is much speculation surrounding their current state. Will they get a CVA or will they go bust? We are now at a point where this does not matter. That club are fatally wounded and even if they got a CVA they will never be the same again.
The most important thing now is that justice is seen to be done on many fronts. Whether it is proved that they employed a two contract system or they are guilty of financial doping via the illegal use of EBT’s Scottish football fans and clubs deserve answers and deserve to see justice done to restore integrity and fairness to our game.
You would think the so called Gang of ten would have more pressing matters than trying to get themselves a few more pounds. Surely as SPL member clubs their first duty must be to make sure allegations against another member club are perused and brought to a swift and fair conclusion. However they are too busy playing playground politics.
Then we have the SFA who have had and enquiry of which they will not publish the full findings ? Question. If the SFA’s affairs are in order then what’s to hide? We still have the man who was a director and a big player at RFC* employed as President of this association with no outward signs that his part in these alleged rackets are being probed.
Quite frankly I could not care less what the final outcome is for the business formally known as RFC. What I and every other Scottish football fan should be concentrating on is what the football authorities in this country are doing in regard to cleansing our game of cheats both on the field in in the corridors of power.
Rant Over 🙂


  1. When exactly was it decided that the SFA enquiry findings would not be published? Come on Mr Regan get the job done!!

  2. When exactly was it decided that the SFA enquiry findings would not be published? Come on Mr Regan get the job done!!

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