Poles ‘N’ Goals and Hesselink. Forthcoming book by Paul Larkin

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Thanks to James and The Celtic Network for the platform to plug my stuff. This book, entitled Poles ‘N’ Goals and Hesselink and is out on April 6th via www.lulu.com,  is basically a tribute people that have been real friends to me in my life. You’ll see that in it should you chose to purchase it. It is a book that I’ve wanted to do for a wee while but probably didn’t have the confidence to do  until now. It is a bit of a leap from the normal structure I use, this time it is in three parts with a theme running through them all, a theme of hope.
It starts in season 1989/90 where at the point where all Celtic supporters thought, after a pretty disappointing season previous, the fight back was on when a certain signing captured all our imaginations. Of course that signing end up not signing and we all know what came next… As we travel through that season, I look at what things happened that were to end up being the start of a period of decline and there are various stories thrown in along the way that are not for the easily offended but happened and were par for the course in those days.
In Part 2 I and others talk about goals that meant something to us personally and there are some cracking stories involved there too from Lisbon right through to modern day. Lots of the people telling them will be well known to you as well.
Finally the last part covers season 07/08 and when I decided to move to New York. There is lots
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of input from others here again as folk talk about pertinent things from the era, I lace in some stories about what it was like to move to New York and what it is like to support Celtic from there too. Again there will be stories that will shock, then again I’m not looking for a tea and biscuits at Celtic Park.
The thing about this kind of stuff is that it will never be universally embraced and you can encounter a certain type of snobbery when trying to promote it. At first I didn’t get it why it happened, now I’m just not bothered. This is why folk who do support it and do buy the books mean the world to me. The book’s profits will be divided out between Mary’s Meals, CHAS and The Tommy Burns Skin Cancer Trust btw, all superb organisations.
There is a launch in The Admiral Bar on Sat April 7th 5pm onwards also.
In the meantime, if you fancy a laugh and had a few escapades yourself whilst following Celtic, then buy this book, you could well be in it.
Paul Larkin.

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