On holiday with Paul Larkin

Just spent a couple of days away stoatin’ aboot the West Highlands with my wife and Paul Larkin the green and white writer. Well that’s a bit of a lie because Paul wasn’t physically with us but he was in spirit through his upcoming book Poles N’ Goals And Hesselink.
Recently Paul had kindly sent me a copy of his forthcoming book but I was up to high doe with work, bills and nonsense so I never got a chance to really get into the book. So when we decided on Tuesday morning to pack the car and head for the hills I decided it would be an ideal time to chill have a few glasses and read Paul’s book. This turned what would be a couple of good days away into a fantastic few days away.
The first thing that hit me right from the start was this was a book written by fitbaw supporters  for fitbaw supporters. It gripped me right away as Paul hits us with some cracking stories form the beginning of the ‘dark ages’ of the late 80’s describing in some hilarity following Celtic all over Scotland and Europe as a hairy arsed 15 year old. However the magic of the book for me was that I was also at most of the games Paul was at and even although I was a bit older by that time I could still see the 15 year old me in the antics  of the young Paul.
So there we were sitting in Glen Etive with the sun splitting the skies, the beer and whiskey are flowing and the wife is wondering wit the hell I’m laughing at? So I started reading out extracts from the book and before we knew it we were discussing our crazy days out going to support Celtic. This is what makes this book such a great read it blows the cob webs from your mind and brings your memories rushing back.  From that moment on my wife and myself took turns reading pages out and having a good laugh at Paul and his mates antics and our own misdemeanour’s.
As you can appreciate it took us a while to get through the first part of the book but what a buzz. Part two has some cracking ‘favourite goals’ from across the whole spectrum of the Celtic support and once again gets you chatting away because although most books are a kind of personal deal between you and the author this book is much more a social experience and that’s what makes it stand out for me.
So I’ve still to tackle part three of the book when Paul goes on to tell of his time in New York but from a quick flick through it looks just as engaging.
I’d encourage Celtic fans of all ages to buy a copy when it goes on release next Saturday. Football books can often be a bit stale but this one is a buzz.
There is a launch in The Admiral Bar on Sat April 7th 5pm onwards also.
You can now buy the book here:
Hard Copy http://www.lulu.com/shop/paul-larkin/poles-n-goals-and-hesselink/paperback/product-20036104.html
E-Book http://www.lulu.com/shop/paul-larkin/poles-n-goals-and-hesselink/ebook/product-20036121.html
You can follow Paul on Twitter @paullarkin74
Paul was one of TCN’s first partners  you can visit his site and Blog Here:
http://www.lovest86.com/ and http://www.thefrontofthebus.blogspot.com/

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