Glasgow Celtic Champions ? V Kilmarnock

Here we go again another nail biting weekend. We are now 1pt from being Champions but can we do it? I bloody hope so. We Celtic fans have been through the wringer over the past few weeks and there have been a couple of major downers but that’s supporting Celtic for you. Personally I’d rather be disappointed in loosing a cup final and an over hyped game than be in total meltdown helplessly watching my debt ridden club die a slow painful death.
For me we effectively won the league when the second goal went in against St Johnstone last Sunday. After jumping about celebrating I spent the rest of the game sitting on my seat with a huge smile on my face and an enormous feeling of well being. 🙂
The truth is from that moment on all we need is 1 point from 18. Quite simply Celtic will not lose  their last 6 games. So it’s just one point which now makes every game exciting until we get the point. Like everyone else the sooner that point arrives the better and it would be amazing to get it at Rugby Park where at half time last October was the darkest time of our season. Who at that point would have predicted that we would return there in April needing only one point to win the title ? 🙂
This leads me on to today’s moan !
I’ve heard a lot of nonsense about our team not having the ‘bottle’ for big games. One glance over the season tells you that is utter bollocks. Every league game we played since the draw against Hibs at Celtic Park was a ‘big game’ and we won them all up until we played Aberdeen on March the third. During that run we had a ‘MASSIVE’ game against the tax dodgers where if we won we would have turned around a 15 point deficit and went to the top of the SPL. Guess what ? We won that game. To my mind that was our biggest and most high pressure game of this season.
The two so called ‘big’ games we lost we played poorly and got beat. The two teams we played were playing their biggest games of the season. It’s easy to get yourself up and play well against a big team for one game however it’s a different thing coping with the pressure to do it every game. So I think people should put this ‘bottle’ thing where it should be. In the bin.
So that’s my rant over 🙂 I know many will disagree and fair play to them but having supported Celtic for over 40 years I’ve seen real disappointment and weak Celtic teams so now I just chill out and show a bit of patience because the good days always feel better when they do arrive.
Hail, Hail

2 thoughts on “Glasgow Celtic Champions ? V Kilmarnock

  1. Dinnae worry James
    a think we will score at least 6….. I am either very intuitive or am posting this the day efter the geme ;-0 😉

  2. Dinnae worry James
    a think we will score at least 6….. I am either very intuitive or am posting this the day efter the geme ;-0 😉

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