What a Champion Weekend

Well where do I start ? Friday night I was determined to remain sober and just sit back and enjoy Over and Over but by 5.00 the nerves started to kick in and I surrendered myself to a bottle of medicinal wine and bottles of Cider thinking that would knock me out and I’d get a sleep. How wrong was I? By six in the morning I was still sitting wide awake. fortunately I finally ‘passed oot’ about 7 am.
I woke up in a panic with daylight streaming through the windows thinking that I might have missed the game. Fortunately it was only 9.30 am. Still feeling tipsy I decided the only way to sort things would be to have a good wash and a fry up,so that’s what I done.
So that was me sitting staring at the TV at 12.00 watching the game finally kick off. My wife looked at me and said “you better take it easy with the drink, could be a long day”. I replied “It’s cool I’m not starting to party till we score a goal and I can chill”. Well that situation never lasted long :).
Before I knew it we had a corner and big Charlie had scored to kill the nerves and unleash the mother of all parties. By the time I had drank just over half a bottle of fortified wine we were 4 – 0 up and cruising. Just as the second half started my hoose was invaded by family, friends and well wishers the party had started �/
So that was that, we cruised to a 6 – 0 win and I started greeting like a big daftie when I seen the joy on Neil Lennon’s face. During the celebrations I was mindful that Paul Larkin had invited me to his book launch in the Admiral Bar. As Paul had very kindly sent me a pre release copy of his latest book there was no way I was missing it. So I had a word in the wifes ear and sneaked oot the hoose. There was no way I could announce where I was going because half of Springburn was in the hoose by now :).
So I jumped a train and headed into the town and before I know it I was part of a Huddle in the train station :). I then decided I had to eat something so I popped into a chippy and bought a single black pudding for which I was robbed of  fekin £2.80. I arrived at the Admiral and stoated down the stair to the function room and It suddenly dawned on me that I never had a clue what Paul looked like. So I ordered a pint had a bit of polite chate with a fellow Tim and finally spotted someone with a familiar face. It was Josh Gaffeny who owns Celtic Talk and he introduced me to Krys from Lost Bhoys. We had a good bit of banter then I spotted Phil Mac. I’ve been in touch with Phil for over a year now, we talk frequently but had never met. Now obviously I knew him to see but he never had a clue what I looked like so I thought it would be good to have a bit of fun.:)
I walked over and told him I didn’t think much of his coat . He just looked at as if to say ‘who’s this fanny’ ? I then said to him ‘your that Phil Mac that writes they crap blogs on that internet’ Well he wisnae happy, glared at me and said ‘who are you?’ so I introduced my self and he went from wanting to knock me out to hugging the life out of me and introducing me to all. It was a great meeting of freinds.
I finally introduced myself to Paul and thanked him for the the book and the invite. Paul got up and made a poignant but funny speech about the book and the Celtic family in general. The bhoy certainly knows how to entertain a crowd.
I decided to head up the road as I was skint and had only meant to pop in for an hour so I said my goodbyes to Josh, Krys and a few other brothers and sisters and headed home. My journey home ended 30 yards from the pub door when Phil Mac grabbed me and introduced me to a couple of bhoys from Carluke Shamrock who were doing an impromptu interview with Phil for their Tic Talk pod cast. I was then dragged back into the Pub my Mr Mac who insisted on buying me a drink. I felt it would be churlish to refuse hospitality 🙂
Phil introduced me to a good friend of his who was with his son and we got on like a house on fire. Before I knew it Champagne was being ordered and why not.
I eventually  made it back onto the Train in a very merry mood. Guess what four huns come on and one of the made a comment at me and as usual my big mouth decided a retort was in order before clearing it with my brain. The guy gave me a look and carried on along the train. Next minute he’s heading back down towards me and a thought ‘I’m fecked noo’ However to my surprise he pops  measure of vodka and coke in front of me offered his apologies and congratulations. His mate shouted down the train ‘moan up here and have a drink pal’. Well my train journey was only going to last 10 mins so I though fair doos. I went up sat down and was plied with more Vodka. We had a bit of banter and said our farewells. It was a nice gesture from the guys.
So that was it back home to the party first person I bump into in the my hall is my brother who who calls me a light weight for going to my bed for a few hours. Ha ha everyone thought I was sleeping 🙂
Well the next thing I know it’s Sunday. Time for another curer and a fry up. Unfortunately I ran out of steam and hit the sack.
As you can guess my overall memories of this weekend are impaired but one thing I will never forget was the amazing feeling on Saturday when we won the league and the absolute pleasure of meeting so many Celtic family members at Pauls Doo.
Lets do it again next year

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