Help Gemma Raise money for Cancer Research UK

As you are all aware The Celtic Network will happily promote charity fund raising  and good cause. Tonight this one is actually personal for my family and my self. My Niece Gemma (Celtic Family member) is participating in this years Race for life to raise some money for Cancer Research UK.
I’ll let Gemma speak for herself:

Race For Life 2012

Hey everyone!
I have signed up this year to run the 5K Cancer Research Race For Life. This will be my second time participating in the run. I will be running for a great man! My Grandad Waters who I sadly lost to prostate cancer 5 years ago. I would be extremely grateful if you could make a donation or even share my page around to raise awareness about this excellent event.
Every penny counts.
My target is £100, if I can raise more than that I will be delighted!
Thanks very much,
Gemma Lilias Brown

As you can see Gemma is not looking to raise a fortune just enough to make a small difference.
Please visit to support Gemma. As she say’s every penny counts so she’s not lookin for vast amounts just whatever you can spare.
Just so you all know I have made a personal donation to Gemma.
Thanks #CelticFamily

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