Happy Birthday Willie Maley

 The Celtic Network would like to show our appreciation and thanks to Mr Willy Maley a great Celtic Player and manager.
Born William Patrick Maley in Newry, Ireland on April 25th 1868. He became Celtic’s first ever manager in 1897 and lead the club to win 30 trophies over an amazing 43 years of service in that post.
One of Mr Maley’s  best remembered quotes is “ It’s not the creed nor nationality that counts. It’s the man himself”. A quote which is as true today at our football club as it was when the great man first uttered these words. Not only is it a fine quote it was a clear message that any one with the talent could play for Celtic FC  regardless of race, creed, colour or religion.
If you want to find out more about Mr Maley we would suggest you visit this page on The Celtic Wiki. It’s a fine bio on the man who “brought some great players to the game”
Happy Birthday Mr Maley. You will always be a legend at Celtic Football Club.

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