Fight is needed tomorrow in the last ever O** F*** game

When the final whistle is blown tomorrow that will finally be the end of the O** F*** game. The next time we play Rangers in administration it will simply be a Glasgow Derby in either the League Cup or the Scottish Cup until the New Rangers make it back through the divisions to the SPL.
What I’m looking for tomorrow is the hard work and determination shown against Killie and not the laid back approach from the game against Motherwell last week. To me it is important that we stamp our authority over Rangers tomorrow and show absolutely no mercy.
I’ve been pondering all week about what I should wear to the match. Will it be bright party colours complete with streamers and blow up cups  or just normal gear. I have decided to wear my black suit, white shirt and black tie that I only ever wear to funerals. I feel on the occasion of the the death of the O** F*** this would be appropriate.
Hail, Hail
Mon The Champions

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