Car trouble but we won 3 – 0

Well that was a cunt of a day ha ha . Clutch went on the car on the way to the game. A very kind lady stopped and asked if she wanted me to take my nephew down to the game. Sorry I never got your name but thank you.
Any how I sat and waited for the AA who true to their word arrived at 12.55  and he guy informed me that it was 1 – 0 to the champions. By the time he toed me up the road it was 2 – 0 and half time so that was nice 🙂
Managed to catch the second half and seen Hooper scoring a screamer which made up for missing the game.
From what I seen Celtic were so comfortable it looked like no one had told the huns the game had started.
Now I’m going to use a phrase that I never use but here goes. Today the old firm died. Thank god for that.
Celtic and Neil proved that we are the best team in Scotland.
Roll on the Champions League.

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