SPL – Not fit for purpose?

A few basic questions

  1. Why was the vote on punishment for administration , Liquidation events adjourned today? The feeble answer given was that the clubs needed more time to consider the proposals.
  2. When will the SPL conclude their so called investigation into side contracts?
  3. Whatever happened to to the ‘gang of 10’ restructuring plans for the SPL?

Three basic questions which are basically left unanswered. Tonight we had SPL chairman Neil Doncaster talking gibberish about liquidation events in England which simply bear no resemblance to the situation. Rfc are in.
To me this smacks of SPL clubs including Celtic doing a cosy inside deal to parachute an RFC newco all in the interests of money. Don’t let them kid you that this is for the benefit of Scottish football or us supporters.
Please read a good article here a on CQN. http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/?p=8839

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