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This is my first Blog, things today just annoyed me so I thought I’d try putting it into words to see if anyone else agreed with me
So Rangers get hit with a 12 month transfer embargo and a £160,000 fine after a 3 man panel decides they must be punished for their wrong doings, bringing the game into disrepute, failure to pay other SPL teams money owed to them, failure to pay PAYE etc etc… ‘Cheeky chappie Coisty’ gets his knickers in a twist and goes on Rangers TV DEMANDING to know the names of this panel ( effectively painting targets on their backs) who dare punish his team while they are on their knees. We must fight back he cried! So 10,000+ of them march to Hampden in protest of this decision, demanding the right to cheat other SPL teams, to be allowed to field players they had effectively stolen from other teams and pay their wages with money held back from the taxman! £1.1m per month they were refusing to pay, then no doubt using this money to help pay these same players wages! These players who had them in a 15 point lead over us in mid October! Think about one of these players, Lee Wallace, Hearts are still owed around £800,000 for him and I would very much doubt they will ever see any of that! But Lee played in the title deciding game at Ibrox, scoring one of the goals and was involved in a questionable offside decision for another, yet you could argue he should never have been allowed on the park that day! I don’t need to remind anyone of the score.
So then Rangers appeal this decision before full details of everything that was found out were published. Now the details have been published and the SFA state that Rangers were fully aware of the names of the 3 man panel before they sat to hear their case! I await an apology or even an explanation from said ‘Cheeky Chappie’ So the appeal is set for Wednesday and the new 3 man panel has already been named! Well done Mr McCoist and Mr Jardine, bullying and intimidation has got you what you wanted! Easy targets for the knuckle-dragging element of your beloved support. Should the appeal be thrown out and the punishment upheld, the new, already named, panel now know what lies in store for them ! Aye Dignity indeed
Stephen McCallum

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