5 – 0 going on 10

You can argue if you want but I feel Hearts played the same game they played against us in the Semi final but their was one main difference . Today we took our chances.
Anyway what an emotional day, from 75 mins on I watched the clock just waiting for that fial whistle of the season so we could at last pick up our trophy, I’m an auld sentimental b*stard but in the dying minute when the crowd sang ‘we’ve won the league again ‘ I was literally in tears. I’ve never been like that on a trophy day but something today just hit me. I don’t know if it was because I knew it would be the last Celtic game I’d be to as a supporters for a while or it was just the sheer joy that Neil Lennon and his young team were finaly getting what they deserved.
As far as I’m concerned we have been the best team in the country for the past 2 seasons. Ok sometimes we were a bit naive but one thing we were never been are bottlers. It also maybe a good time as well to point out we were not cheats and never relied on ‘poor’ referees for decisions in big games.
I’ll miss going to the games next year but I know in my heart that when Neil Lennon said ‘this is only the beginning’ he was telling the truth.
This team has the basics required to do well at home and and in Europe.
Another point you might want to argue with is that today Hooper proved he does not need Stokes up front with him to be a top striker.
Hail,Hail to the Champions.

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