Neil Doncaster and Integrity

Anyone remember the SFA referee strike action from season 2010/2012?
Maybe some will remember these words from SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster –

“The word integrity has been heavily used recently in discussions over referees. But the integrity of the Scottish game’s flagship competition would be totally compromised if the SPL can’t go ahead on Saturday and Sunday.

“We can’t let would-be customers look at a situation they find to be farcical and have them arrive at the conclusion Scottish football isn’t worth the bother.

“I also wonder what the world outside of Scotland makes of it all when they see what’s going on here at present.”

I know, strange as those words are, they actually came from the mouth of Neil Doncaster, the very same Neil Doncaster who it seem’s is pushing towards introducing a possible Rangers FC NewCo into the Scottish Premier League.

His recent words go along the way that a Rangers NewCo MAY possibly be allowed into the SPL without any sanctions.

With the fact that an RFC NewCo would run away from all it’s previous companies debts, run away from all its past misdemeanours & straight back into the Premier League, thats what Doncaster classes as Integrity?

Whilst every other club fights, scrapes and manages itself without the need to cut corners, Neil Doncaster it seems is going against all of this in order to suit Rangers.

I’m sure there are many Scottish football supporters that would feel the very same when I say that IF this is Doncasters wish, then he should be deemed UNFIT FOR PURPOSE.

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