Talks ongoing for Hooper and Forster

Well the footballs done until the Euro’s so news is slow. No doubt over the next month or so the rumour machine will go into overdrive and we’ll be linked to everyone and their granny.
I’m going to try and keep the transfer rumours to a minimum on TCN as I’m sure there will be plenty of other sites throwing up names. Sometimes it’s fun but sometimes it’s tedious.
My rule of thumb on transfers is usually to wait untill either Celtic announce a sale or buy or I see the guy in a Celtic shirt. I don’t think we’ll see many new face  I would guess about 3/4 maximum. Hopefully we can a couple of older heads in to help this young team out.
I’m delighted that talks are ongoing with Hooper and Fraser Forster who has improved immensely over the past season especially after the penalty save against Hearts. Many want Craig Gordon in and that’s not a bad shout as he has plenty of experience playing at international level. The only thing that worries me is how will he be after being out for such a long time through injury.
As for Hooper he may be destined for the EPL at some point so it would make great business sense to tie him to us for a few more years. I suspect that Hooper would love to play for England but he will probably need to move to England before he gets a sniff of an International cap.
Well I’m away oot to soak up some rays.
Hail, Hail

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