‘Tainted’ by @BigStef1981

This is my 2nd blog, like my 1st one, it’s really just a rant at things going on. I think if I were to name it, I would call it ‘Tainted’
After the season ended, and the dust had settled that word ‘tainted’ kept on coming up on my Twitter feed and on my Facebook timeline which got me thinking of all the things I’ve read from various sources online. Was our title tainted? No. pure and simple. No! If you ask me, if anything is tainted,  it’s the previous 3 titles, cups won, the boring, seemingly winless run to the Uefa cup final under the guidance of Walter Smith. And all the prize money brought in from all these events. Tainted!
This only scrapes the surface of what’s tainted but because it’s the most recent its fresh in the memory.
The money owed to other clubs for players that were playing games in the SPL this season past helping them to a  2nd place finish and the prize fund that goes with it. Tainted!
Keeping money that they were supposed to pay to the Tax Man, to keep their club running and pay staff wages, all the while running up debts to all sorts of people, small local businesses, other teams in other leagues as well as several teams in our own league (they even owe us about £40,000, although possibly more again when you consider the mess they left the toilets in on their last visit to Parkhead), the ambulance service, the police service, etc etc.. the list goes on and on, I’m sure you all know the long list of creditors by now! That’s Tainted!
The Government were calling out for something to be done to help them! Save these 170+ jobs at Rangers FC, Clintons Cards went into administration and have made over 200 job cuts! Never heard much about saving them? But we are all just paranoid, move along, nothing to see here!
Even after all this is public knowledge the fans think they are getting a raw deal! They have been getting things all their own way for these past 15yrs or more and now its came to light they have been a bit naughty in this time, they’ve been asked to stop, start playing by the rules and pay their dues and all of a sudden the worlds out to get them! Think how close we’ve run them in some of the seasons they won on the last day, our dream season that ended empty handed in 2003, lost league on last day to a team full of tax dodgers and guys who they never could have afforded otherwise! Likewise in 2005 all that Rangers team had EBT’s and we lost out on final day, although we threw it away more than they won it, but would they have had the players to be so close behind us in the league to win by a nose when we fell at the final hurdle THAT day at Fir Park,  if they had to pay their players fairly? I would doubt it!
Finally, I aim my rant at the SFA, their lack of backbone and leadership is going to make this a lot worse for Scottish football as a whole, if they don’t come down heavy and stand by their decision, because I fear if UEFA feel the need to get involved, and surely it’s just a matter of time, they will punish the SFA and all its member clubs, I would hate to think we could get punished for no wrongdoings, just because the SFA are too weak to deal with the shambles in Govan. UEFA pretty much do what they like and the fact that we are not a superpower in European football league terms like the English, Spanish, German Italian or French leagues, they probably wouldn’t think twice about hitting our nation with a European ban for a year or 2 to make a point, just because our governing body is seen to be a joke and is unable to deal with blatant cheating! So the longer this goes on the more I fear the worst for what affect this will have on us if things continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.
Glad I got that all off my chest, no doubt this time next month we’ll all be no further forward and still as we are now but we’ll at least be a month closer to the season starting! Hail Hail!
Stephen McCallum

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