TCN e Book goes on sale tomorrow profits to our good causes

Delighted to announce the our first ever e-book goes on sale tomorrow with the profits being shared between our good causes which are

  • KANO Foundation
  • The Good Child Foundation
  • Kibera Celtic Foundation
  • John Hartson Foundation

The book follows the fortunes of Celtic season 2011/12 and The Celtic Network. As well as normal text there are links back to certain articles which have been published on the site.
I sent Paul Larkin a copy on ms word last night and asked for his opinion. This was his reply:
“I really like this James. TBH I had no pre conceived notions what this would be like but the way you’ve done it makes it interesting, funny and informative. It really fits in well with the TCN style and is a great reference point too. Really think you’ve got a winner on your hands here pal.”
The book is priced at £8 to give us a chance to raise some decent money for our good causes. If it sells well I will make it an annual event.
The book will be available to buy on lulu
if you intend buying our ebook please download this it protects the book from being copied and charities cheated. For android or apple ios install

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