Some good feedback on Twitter re: Steve Clarke

Some mixed reactions.
1. Some people raised the question of  Wages. How could we afford to pay for a guy who’s reportedly on 750k per year ? Which is a valid question and a major stumbling block. Others maintain he is a Celtic fan and therefore may accept a lower wage
2. Some people saying a guy with his experience may ‘rock the boat’ and undermine Lenny. While others think his experience would be an asset especially as we try to qualify for the CL
3. He may prefer to stay in the EPL rather than come to the back water that is the SPL. According to one contributor he is friends with Paul Lambert so Aston Villa may be his preferred choice.
4 Some are questioning the need to bring in another coach when we have experienced coaches at the club like McCart who could be promoted? On the flip side may be the club or Lenny feel they need a coach with Clarke’s level of experience.
All in all a good debate. Whether my original article comes to anything we can only wait and see. I have been told there have been discussions but in the world of football ‘discussion’ could be anything from an informal enquiry through to genuine contact.
I for one would like to see Clarke at Celtic but as you can see from the feedback there are many stumbling blocks to this happening.
So once again it’s wait and see.

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