Euros are here – football at last

Really looking forward to the Euro’s. I know it has been over shadowed by the Racism row but we just need to wait and see how that plays out and concentrate on the football.
I find it hard to see beyond Spain  however Germany are there so who would count them out ? The German’s are the team most likely to reach the final. As for Spain well they have got over the hang up of not performing at big competitions after winning the Euro’s and the World Cup.
Holland and France should be there or there about when it comes to the Semis. I don’t think Russia, Portugal or Croatia are the teams they once were but if they hit the knock out quarter final knock out stages well anything could happen. Ireland have a tough group but I think they have a chance if they can tighten up at the back. The certainly will be hard to beat but I think at best they will reach the quarter finals.
Big Sammi’s Greece will be much the same as Ireland hard to beat but if Sammi is on form playing the lone striker they have a chance to progress. Greece’s group is certainly not as strong as Ireland’s so they have a better chance of getting through to the quarters.
As usual Scotland are not there so I’ll be supporting Ireland after they go out I’ll be switching to Spain , I just love their football. As for England well strangely enough this is the first finals of a tourney that I can remember where they have not won the competition without kicking a ball. Their Press are very quiet well a lot quieter than normal. They have a new manager in but I think he’s arrived too late and their squad is not littered with world class players but I suspect they may struggle to make it out of the group stages.
Top goal scorers to watch out for will be Benzema,Van Persie and Gomez.

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