TCN Predictor League – Prizes

Can I thank everyone who has got involved and I hope you are all enjoying it. As you know my self and the site are skint however due to the generosity of many followers we have enough to keep the site going which is brilliant and I will be eternally grateful.
Since the competition is all for fun there are no prizes. However to thank every one who joined up at the end of the competition each participant will receive a a free PDF of ‘The Celtic Network Season One Ebook.
I was hoping to raise cash for our four charities from the sale of the book but since only 2 people have bought a copy one of them being me and there is no sign of anyone else buying it or even the partner sites who all got a free copy giving it a review I thought what the hell may as well give it away. I must say I’m really disappointed that we have not raised any money but there you go.
So the ideal people to give a copy to where those who have participated in the Predictor so like it or lump it your getting a copy 🙂
I hope you all get some enjoyment from the book
Hail, Hail and thanks for participating.

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