99 Rumours in a transfer window…..

You know what? I’m fed up with all this RFC(IA) garbage, it’s about time to speak Celtic.
As is the usual, when it’s a dry news day or there’s something which needs to be hidden, linking Glasgow Celtic with a player or a Glasgow Celtic player leaving is just the norm isn’t it?
Whether its’ Forster, Best, Mills, Henriksen, Rhodes, Okuonghae, Montero, Cox, Andrews, Rodallega or Bjarsmyr it’s very much the same old that every passing day will see a new “source” reveal either an incoming or outgoing.
Although I tend to enjoy the rumour mill to some extent, we always have to take each rumour with a pinch (or bag) of salt.
I firmly believe that we Celtic supporters are well ahead of the antiquated media. I believe that alot of the source of any rumours is either Twitter, Facebook or similar.
Many times since the emergence of the new media, has “sources revealed” something which was brought to you 24/48 hours previously online.
Keep this in mind – When all these players are being linked, players are having holidays, preparing for and then playing in internationals leading up to the European Championships.
Agents will no doubt be working hard to push links through as the summer transfer window is the bread & butter for them to help clubs acquire players leading to substantial agent fees.
Be rest assured, whenever a rag comes out with an “exclusive” – The likelihood is that the source stated is either someone  within a social network, from another countries media or directly from a mischievous agent trying to pickup either a quick dime from moving a player on or forcing the hand of a club to increase a players contract.
No matter what, Should you hear of a rumour, check online first, there are plenty of the Celtic Family very knowledgable to put you in the right direction.
REMEMBER – The old media is on its knees so be prepared for more Big Vic leaving stories and the arrival of big name players elsewhere.
Forever In Celtic – #CelticFamily

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