Euro 2012 Just Warming Up -What have we learned ?

Well that’s the first round of games out the road but how much have they told us about how things will unfold?

Group A  –  Russia the only team in the group to have full points and a hefty bag of goals look stick on’s to progress as Group winners considering the gulf in class between them and Poland, Greece and the Czech Republic.

Out of those three Greece seem the most organised as opposed to the Czech Republic who look very poor. As for Poland I’ve not seen much in the one game to get a real grip of how they will do tomorrow in trying to stem the Russian tide.  So at this point I’ll put my money on Greece to sneak through with Russia.

Group B I Germany would be most peoples favourites to qualify in top spot. The Dutch have a reputation of coming up short in major finals but I do believe they have more in their locker than Denmark. I also feel Portugal don’t seem to know if they are coming or going most of the the time. Don’t get me wrong they are talented but are they a ‘team’ ? So I feel the Dutch will get their act together and go through to the Quarters with Germany.

Group C Now this will be an interesting group. I fee the combination of Ireland loosing their first game and Italy and Spain drawing with each other both these sides will be out to ensure they beat Ireland because Croatia are a more than decent team who are capable of taking points from the ‘big two’. Im sure Ireland will be better organised in their next too games unfortunately I thing Spain and will not lose against Ireland. I feel that Croatia and Spain at this point may be the ones to qualify from this group.

Group D After watching today’s games I feel this will be a tight group. Sweden have hurt their chances by loosing to Ukraine tonight. However over the piece could easily have been a draw. I honestly feel the teams in this group are evenly matched however I feel France have more in their locker. Ukraine may improve after getting their first game and win out the road. France are possibly favourites to Qualify and certainly have the players to do that. As for England read Dundee Utd in th 80’s. Their boss wants them to kill games and try and snatch goals when they can. However they will be happy with a draw with Sweden but that won’t be easy. Realistically England must beat Sweden. At this point I feel France and Ukraine may qualify but it would not surprise me if England bore their way into the quarters.

So what do you think

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