Imagine You're A RFC(IA) Creditor

June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized by Wullie Broon

It’s been some time since my last blog, it’s been a busy period with the recent addition of the Euro’s.

Since my last blog regarding the possible outcome of RFC(IA) civil court case, I’ve sat back & taken into account the day by day farce that is Rangers in Administration.

So RFC(IA) decided to do a Sion, ignore the domestic football governing bodies decision, head straight for a civil court as for me they couldn’t see for themselves that the Scottish Football Association had in fact done them a favour by applying sanctions of fines plus a 12 month transfer embargo.

You see, for me it’s a case of RFC(IA) once again shoving two fingers up to the whole of Scottish football, saying that deep down they do not care less about the overall stature of our national game, they’d do whatever they can to suit themselves.

Throughout the years of Murky Murray, they tossed everyone aside, they worked the way in which we now see as cheating yet they decide to take the route of screwing our game just to meet the needs of themselves. No-One Like Them They Don’t Care they say. It’s as they say, If we get dragged down, we’ll take others with us.

Many voices on behalf of RFC(IA) have commented on how a demoralised RFC would hinder Scottish football but what about the several victims of this whole farcical situation?

Clubs from all over Europe have yet to receive what they’re due from Rangers, many other creditors face missing out on much-needed money from them but all we have seen recently from the media in Scotland is that with an RFC our game would be in dire straights.

Let’s make one thing clear, Our game is in dire straights due to RFC(IA), Clubs such as Dunfermline, Hearts, Dundee Utd to name a few have missed out on money which they truly deserve yet our media continue to put out stories telling these football creditors that although RFC(IA) offer them 9 or 9 pence in a pound, they’ll be seeking to sign players like Ian Black & Gennaro Gattuso?

This is why I personally do not think that any CVA come Thurs 14th June 2012 will be accepted.

Imagine you’re a creditor of RFC(IA) and your faced with accepted a pittance from them, imagine this offer is on your table yet Charles Green & Co. is openly vocal about handing players thousands of pounds in contracts should they exit administration.

It’s common within football that the media are used to talk up clubs, players etc and it would not surprise me that Charles Green is another mouthpiece from the academy of Moonbeams Murray, using the Scottish press to nitpick at RFC(IA) so that when the crunch comes, when Rangers are finally liquidated, they can all say they did all that they could to save Rangers 1872.

Imagine you’re a creditor, would you accept 8 or 9 pence in a pound if they signed players on thousands of pounds per week contracts   days, weeks or months later?