Sing Song – Goodbye RANGERS

To the tune of Bye, Bye, Blackbird.
All we need noo is Willie Keane to record it 🙂
Verse 1
Ho, ho, ho and cheerio, we’re so glad to see you go,
Goodbye Rangers
Scottish football’s clean again, no more cheats to stain our game
Goodbye Rangers
Now you can’t sing songs about defenders
We’re all laughing at your great Surrender
So take your hate and dodgy songs
We’re so happy now you’re gone
Rangers Goodbye
Verse 2
So you thought you’d cheat the tax to try and bring the big cup back
Goodbye Rangers
The Taxman said hello, hello give us all the dosh you owe
Goodbye Rangers
Now you’ve ended up in liquidation
your support no longer Shames our nation
The futures bright, the futures green
And you’re no longer on the on the scene
Rangers Goodbye
Verse 3
So ho, ho, ho and off ye go, that’s you’re bill for nine in a row
Goodbye Rangers
The big cup it eluded you and now yer team are on the broo
Goodbye Rangers
We were told Whyte’s wealth was off the radar
But in truth he couldn’y buy a paper
So now it’s time for you to go
AUF Weidersen and cheerio
Rangers Good Bye
So now it’s time for you to go
AUF Weidersen and cheerio
Rangers Good Bye

2 thoughts on “Sing Song – Goodbye RANGERS

  1. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! . . . It will no doubt be heard up and down the length of Scotland this weekend along with large helpings of Jelly and Ice Cream…
    ”Ho, ho, ho, and cheerio. . .

  2. Brill stuff ,what abt Supertramps ”Goodbye Stranger”
    Goodbye Rangers ,its been nice
    We all live in Paradise
    Tried to see your point of view
    Now our dreams have all come true
    Goodbye Ally ,goodbye Gers
    Nobody likes you ,nobody cares
    You felt no sorrow,now feel the pain
    Hope we never see you again
    R.I.P Rangers …….gone !!!!!!!!

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