Free Ebook For Everyone who visits TCN this weekend

Thank you to the people who donated.
£1.20 per book split between 4 charities
As most of you are aware i released an ebook covering the first season of TCN and Celtic’s championship win. The idea of the book was to raise money for our four Celtic charities we sponsor. Unfortunately we have only sold 4 raising about £10 to be split between the four Charities. So I’ve decided to make it available for free.
You can Download it by clicking on the Adobe image at the side of the page.When the link opens just click the download icon at the bottom of the page and it will download into you pc.
In a final attempt to raise money for the charities if you feel the book was worth a read you can leave a donation by clicking on out PayPal donate button on the front page and we will pass any donations on to the Charities and publish proof of donations on the site.
* Thank for visiting the free download has ended. Thank you to the people who made a donation through paypal,here’s hoping for a few more to help our charities out. There is a great write up on the book at and TCN By Phil Mac Giolla Bhain Here
If you enjoyed your free gift you can still donate one or two pounds through or pay pal account
The charities benefiting are listed HERE
Cheers Jas.

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