'Educating the un-educated – The 'state funded' way!'

‘Educating the un-educated – The ‘state funded’ way!’
In each metaphoric cloud we’re taught to optimistically observe it’s contents and extract from it, a ray of hope, a positive, uplifting aspect…a silver lining, as the commonly used phrase may term it.
Often illogically we cling to hope, we remain buoyed by the possibilty that from the unfortunate, a brighter future may emerge. Often however we are left feeling short changed, we’re left with a tangible sense of disappointment, a palpable taste of defeatism.
Much like before, at this point we should be pragmatists, be logical and be wary of false hope.
Of course, I say we should, but more oft we seek the solace, the comfort and the warmth, fundemental human nature overrides this wisdom and once more we through blind faith choose, near willingly, to search the contents of the latest metaphoric cloud for a reason to be thankful, a sense of purpose, a ray of hope…a moonbeam you may say!
It’s easy to reason an element of ‘complicity’ in our fate, we may be led by others but always we think for ourselves…for that reason I feel little or no sympathy with the grieving followers of our Govan adversary.
They are as complicit in their clubs fatal wounds as are their former directors, owners and apologistic media ‘friends’, indeed their allies of the now infamous ‘succulent lamb brigade’, played an oscar nomination deserving role as the illogical voice who overthrows reason time and time and yet, time again.
Blind faith and desperation fuelled their illogical sense of omnipotence, those reckless moments of abandonment, their leave of their senses and their sheer short sightedness, led them like lemmings to a cliffs edge…make no mistake, despite having been led there, it was clearly a suicidal urge that permitted their following to, well, follow (follow) the reckless direction of their rudderless club and embark on a leap, not of faith, but of sheer defiance.
Make no mistake, THEY died on their own sword, but like the cowards they are, they have chosen to implicate us in their ‘downfall’…the blame is shifted from the blameworthy to the blameless victims, the accidential and unwitting observers and yet worse still, the helpful, caring would be rescuers (see@Pmacgiollabhain & @RangersTaxCase amongst others).
The latter attempted to warn them of their fate, they did so in more than adequate time for which a change of course, a change of intent and a change heart could be affected. The seemingly uneducated were enlightened…they chose not to listen, they would hear no reason and they followed through with their selfish and cowardly mass suicide pact.
This week Rangers, the Rangers died…their eulogy is hard to publish, as their remains a mass un-acceptance amongst the grief stricken relatives, these relatives may lay claim to ancestory of the Rangers (RIP) but make no mistake, they are not blood relatives…else they too would be fatally wounded.
The remaining ‘family’ are that of in-law variety…the life blood, the blood line has passed.
Of course here in lays my illogical moment, I see this cloud and I search blindfully for hope and for reason to believe that a silver lining awaits us.
This is my ‘silver lining moment’…at last we have come to an impasse, herein and ever-after, perhaps, we may be in a position to at last educate the great uneducated ‘people’. Perhaps now I’ll find a tangible sense of natural justice and from it the seeds of hope, and of recovery, may be sown.
I, perhaps blindly, percieved these moments of crucial education to have begun on Thursday when the survivers first questioned the new direction, the new policy and the new leadership…wary no doubt that a successor may, in true Hollywood fashion, be an unwitting descendant of their ancestoral leaders.
Futher shots of recovery may follow, perhaps hastened by the feed of intelligent reporting standards, never in my life have I known the mainstream media to have expanded upon the use of limited vocabulary of ‘the people’ but recently I actually detect educational content, set to challenge their restricted systems of belief and of understanding.
Perhaps in time the surviving (or as I call them ‘HYBRID’) family, will grow to understand and act upon their astoundingly diverse new vocabulary…perhaps tabloid use of such wording as ‘contrition’, ‘humility’ and ’empathy’ may yet lead them to abandon their culture of blame and to embark on a new voyage of discovery…one with clear and innovative direction and leadership. One, devoid of their previous bitter, resentful and antagonistic misgivings and one of lighter mood…suicide clearly failed to meet with their approval, whats to lose now?!
Or has it come full circle, will the vicious pattern of behaviour persist…indeed am I searching for silver, which is no more likely to line the clouds above our game and our society, than there truely exist a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?!
Either way, spring has sprung…an atheist (or protestant) summer will follow and hopefully like their arab counterparts, their ‘spring’ is intended to stabilize their culture and to promote more diverse and modern direction to its previously archaic existence.
Only time will tell, if the unwilling and uneducated masses can indeed have their minds stimulated, their thirst for knowledge be awoken and a long overdue education be delivered…it really would be the first recorded success of ‘British state education’…it just regrettable that the state had to be in such a ‘sorry condition’ to accept the treatment long afforded to them by the willing volunteer ‘internet bloggers’.
The bampots are dead…long live the bloggers!!

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