From Seville To Sevilla by Krys kujawa of the Lost Bhoys -book review

From the Acknowledgements at the start of the book you pick up on Krys’s love for Celtic Football Club  and his commitment to Cancer research UK where profits are going to and In particular his memories of season 2003/04 which shall live with him forever.
He gives depth to the book through recalling  games and disappointments that takes us through the pre season friendlies where Krys looks at how Martin O’Neill flirted with his favoured formation of 3-5-2 in favour of 4-4-2 or was it John Robertson  having a bit of fun when the manager was away?
There isGood coverage and memories of games. Well researched providing quotes from Celtic players, board members, opposition managers, players in effect he has thoroughly researched the events and games for the book. Some of the most interesting quotes come from the events surrounding Chris Sutton’s allegation and then double apology to Dunfermline and their players which if you read you will see the John Yorkston  used to show his utter distain for Celtic and of course the ever present laptop loyal spinning anything that may help upset the Celtic apple cart.
In fact there is a cracking quote from Dermot Desmond which we may not have agreed with at the time but ensured that it would not be Celtic who would suffer in the future from reckless spending.
This was the beginning of operation downsize at Celtic after failing to win the UEFA CUP.But I digress
Champions league qualification games reminded of the famous sprinkler situation in Budapest.
The champions league  group stages and subsequent drop into the UEFA Cup
The shock sacking of Brian Scott
Each game is very well summed up including match incidents ,goals and goal scorers
He also recalls the various misdemeanours of El Hadji Diouf from his spitting episode at Celtic Park through to his spell with Rangers.
He delves into the historical duplicity of the SFA in the difference between how they treated Celtic players in disciplinary matters against how players of other clubs or even a certain player on Scotland duty. It was also scary to be reminded just how long Iain Brines has been a grade one official.
The tale of Leed’s Utd ‘newco’ something that is currently the talk of the steamie in Scotland 2012 courtesy of the the club from the south side of Glasgow.
We see the arrival of Peter Lawwell as CEO. Our flirtation with the then highly rated Dani. Covering the AGM where the Celtic supporters trust once again raised a motion to have a fans rep on the board. They failed that day and sadly to this day they have never managed to get that motion passed. There is so much information in the book about the AGM that I was starting to believe I was there. That is another example of how well Krys has done his homework.
The list of players Celtic had at their disposal at the time is enough to make you cry and Krys does not miss one player who figured in every game during the season.
Fantastic insight to every game played  as I have already said complimented with interviews form players and managers  only Celtic but managers of the opposition. Even Scotland national coach Berti Vogts gets a mention
Each game that season and some from the season before are vividly recalled making the book a must read for those who love their stats.
Krys reminds us of promising young players Young promising players like Pearson and Miller.
How Bayern players celebrated not being beaten at Celtic park, how we got on against Lyon, Anderlecht and the heart break of just missing out on the last 16 due to a late penalty in Lyon.THE subsequent drop into the UEFA cup which took us to Heaven by beating Barca and knocking them out  to reach the quarter final stage against Villarreal .Which brought that euro dream of another final to an end.
And how we picked ourselves up to go on and win the SPL and the Scottish cup double and carried out a whitewash along the way.
At the end of the book Krys states why this was his favourite season:
“2003/04 was, and still is, my favourite season as a Celtic supporter.
It was the season I dreamed of throughout the barren years, and a
season where I was privileged to be at almost all of the big events. I
was there for all five Rangers games, I was in Munich for the shell
shocked turnaround, I was in Barcelona ruining my vocal chords on
the way out of the stadium, I was there when Petrov’s goal clinched
the title at Rugby Park, I was there when Dunfermline gatecrashed
the title party, I was there when we beat them to lift the Scottish
Cup… I was even at Easter Road when the treble slipped away. If
anything, that was the game that proved I wasn’t dreaming – this
season really did happen.”
Having now read the book I certainly think It was one of my favourites as well, a lot of that is down to effort Krys has put in to vividly recalling the highs and lows of a great season .
I have had the good fortune of reviewing several Celtic books this year and I can assure you that From Seville To Sevilla is up there with the best. If you buy it you will not be disappointed in fact you probably won’t be able to put it down.
You can buy the paper back here
The ebook here.

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