Looks Like It’s No To Newco

After Hearts declaring that they would be voting against the entry of Servco to the SPL Dundee Utd last night last night confirmed that after yesterday a meeting with supporters they too will be voting against Servco joining the SPL.
United released the following statement last night : “Following what was a robust and constructive meeting, the Club’s position on how we will vote was substantiated by the viewpoint of the various supporters groups. The meeting finished with all in agreement as to what the correct course of action would be.
“The board of directors of Dundee United are unequivocal in the belief that a form of sporting punishment must form part of the reasoning behind any decision made and, therefore, cannot vote the newco into the SPL.
With Celtic and Hibs expected to vote against Servco joining we can now assume that four clubs will vote against the direct entry of Servco into the SPL.
With both Motherwell and ICT declaring that they will listen to their support going by reaction from Well fans on social media there is a high chance that Motherwell will Also join the no camp. ICT is an unknown but I suspect they may well vote against the resolution given their spokesman’s declaration that “It is fair to say that those who say that Rangers have been punished sufficiently are in an extremely small minority of all the representations received”. Would indicate another two no votes
It is unclear how Kilmarnock will vote once again going by social media comments their support are against a newco joining the SPL. As things stand just now it seems the majority  of opinion amongst fans of the eleven clubs are pretty much against the involvement of a newco in the. St Mirren fans are preoccupied with their attempt to take over their club at the moment so it’s hard to gauge opinion. However the current board will not be too impressed by Rangers covertly attempting to buy the Paisley club in January so that maybe another no.
How the final vote will go it’s hard to say as things have been known to change rapidly at these meetings and other clubs have given no indication apart from St Johnstone who plan to vote in favour. However I am hopeful a NO vote will win the day. We wait and see what transpires on July 4th.

UPDATE . Aberdeen have now declared a no vote

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