'In recognition of http://www.rangerstaxcase.wordpress.com'

In the many months of, no actually scrap that…in the many years of investigative internet bampottery so far as reporting of our old foes fiscal fragility, much good work has been done.
So much so that one particular, very articulate, very investigative and very secretive blogger, known fondly to the internet bampots that we are, either as @rangerstaxcase, or indeed as ‘www.rangerstaxcase.wordpress.com’, was recently presented a very special award in recognition of the sites ground breaking analysis of the affair.
The award was given in recognition of the sites diligent, astute and pioneering delivery of, and I quote here, its ability to recount “what might be a dry topic – the tax affairs of a sports team – and shows how a striving for transitory success has severely distorted sporting, legal and ethical boundaries.”
I’m sure that we are all by now very familiar with the content of the blog which won the Orwell 2012 Blog Prize, more however can be read about a literary award brought largely to public consciousness, via the following link.
I for one think that it’s absolute testimony, that in recognition of its achievement, such an esteemed, acclaimed and celebrated public figure was the sponsor of the award that evening of 23 May 2012.
In fact, if I ever get such an honour as to have a one-to-one chat with the blogs author, it will be my absolutely sincere intention to greet him, or of course, her, with my very best impression of the awards celebrated sponsor.
I have over the years, and I say this not to blow my own trumpet, won much acclaim for my polished and accomplished imitation of the master.
Many of my friends would no doubt verify, the undoubted entertainment value of, and the unparalleled brilliance of my recital of ‘I wish I could fly’
I tell you now, if I’d only known that such a fricken legend was dishing out awards to any old ‘bampot’ just for them making a successfully entertaining blog out of, and I once again quote, “what might be a dry topic – the tax affairs of a sports team”, I’d have, I’d have…well I’d have plagiarized ‘@BBCchrismclaug‘.
I mean very little else, if any at all, of the reporting standards regarding the fiscally induced fiasco at Ibrox, has even come close to being as splendidly entertaining as his ‘jumping the gun stylee’.
In fact Chris has, on a near hourly basis, had me rolling about on the floor whilst laughing out loud for more of this saga than the ‘www.rangerstaxcase.wordpress.com’ has ever done.
Come to think of it, Chris McLaughlin, should by virtue of, his Charlie Chaplin esque appearance, his ‘Mr Bean’ style antics and his ‘Chuckle brother’ proclamations of wisdom have been the really worthy winner of the ducks prize giving.
Clearly he was robbed!!
I refuse however, to let this stand in the way of my sincere congratulations to the author of the ‘second’ best account of the ongoing Ibrox fiasco.
I’m sure its author would acknowledge the hard work of so many others, his indebtedness(pardon the pun) to his ‘sources’ and his pride at becoming the second force in modern Scottish journalism.
It’s my belief that perhaps, who knows?!…its author may yet, one day, rise above the pesky BBC churnalist in terms of public acknowledgement of his journalistic ability.
For that improvement to happen though, its author must believe, yet more, in their own abilities, to be, yet more, self assured and to truly believe that no task may be too daunting.
They, in short, must replicate a little more of the ‘gold dust’ esque qualities of Mr Chris McLaughlin, to believe that anything is possible…to believe they could fly if they wanted.
My message to that author is, of course, “You can”!!
Sorry bout the awful, predictable and cringe-worthy ‘attempted’ humour.
It was however my intention to raise awareness for anyone who hadn’t yet known the brilliance and the importance of ‘www.rangerstaxcase.wordpress.com’ in this exposé to end all exposés.
For those already well versed with the blog and seeking more information on the background of the award itself and the man it’s named in honour of.
See, let it not be said that I amn’t, in addition to being a complete fanny, an educational and cultured kinda fella.
Good work that man, or, that lady…that author!


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