How do we get the SFL Clubs to say NoToNewco in Div one ?

June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized by Wullie Broon

This latest piece of bawbaggery decided by a handful of men Messrs Regan, Doncaster and  Longmuir behind closed doors to re-jig the current set up of Scottish football to allow sevco a company with no players and no licence to participate in Scottish football as yet access to SFL Division one rather than abide to the existing rules which would mean them applying for membership of the SFA and SFL then starting off in Div 3 is scandalous to say the least.

To give Mr Longmuir his Due he has stated that the time scale for such a reconstruction to be in place for the new season may not be achievable. However I can’t see Mr Regan and Mr Doncaster holding fire unless they are firmly told by fans of the lower divisions that this idea is not on. Not this year and not any year.

Now my problem is to my shame that I don’t know any fans of the SFL clubs never mind anyone who is convener of any SFL supporters clubs. So I’m asking the question “How do we get the SFL Clubs to say NoToNewco in Div one”?.

I’m hoping that Celtic fans who read this do know people in positions that can help influence supporters of SFL clubs to get together and tell their boards that they will not stand for this in the same way SPL supporters have successfully pressurised their boards to reject a newco in the SPL.

I am a supporter of SPL 1 & 2 Along with a pyramid system in Scottish football. I feel it would improve the game and generate more interest in play offs for promotion to SPL 1&2. However if this is rushed through just to benefit 1 club then I’m dead against it.

My hope is that SPL 1 & 2 are in position for the start of season 2013/14 so that the transition can be managed in a proper and fit manner that respects professionalism in our game. By that time Sevco will probably have progressed to the new Division 1 and ready to have a crack in season 2014/15 to gain honest promotion to SPL 2.

Anything other than this is a sham and once again leaves a stain on the integrity of our national sport.. So if anyone knows followers of SFL clubs please attempt to put the case to them that saying No to Newco in Division one this coming season is a negative move for Scottish football.

It’s been said by many before me but we simply can’t change the rules to suit one club and a poor TV deal.

Monday Rant over.