'It's the final countdown'

Who is old enough to remember the 80’s soft rock band Europe?…hands up the oldies in the house.
Anyway, I’m going to break with tradition and skip straight to my point…
Yesterday, admittedly a day or two later than I was told to expect…Aberdeen and Inverness joined the moral collective who’ve stated their categoric disapproval for a newco being admitted to the SPL.
Now Rangers can be considered as retro as the band and the song, to which I earlier eluded.
Now if I was the pessimistic type, I would be worried about what kind of sustainable future clubs in Scotland have without the ‘great establishment club’.
I am not, nor will I ever be.
You see, if, and for avoidance of doubt, I don’t for one second consider it to be even remotely possible that the game of professional football in Scotland will wither and die…but indulge me please.
If the game in Scotland fell into a terminal decline, if that were to be the case, then I still would say that the moral vote that preserves the integrity of the game, is one very, very much worthwhile.
If my club were to have some element of suffering, if we had to make some major concessions to other clubs in the game, to help them balance the books and to provide a fairer level of competition…then so be it.
I am Celtic through and through, I am happy to support my club through both the good times and the bad, I am prepared to see a step or two backwards for my club…in order for our game to eventually engage a forward motion and take a leap or three in the right direction.
I just don’t have that pessimistic an approach, my glass is rarely half empty…I indulge in the purchasing of multiple pints to stave off that…empty sensation.
In fact my biggest concern for our game is the manner, the agenda for and the speed at which any radical league construction.
I agree that our has for many, many years badly needed, drastically required and constantly over-looked the necessity for reform.
I am sorry to state this but it remains my own personal opinion that in our game a cull is badly, BADLY needed; that wee have too many ‘nothing’ clubs…that the antiquated fashion of running of our game has led to many walking dead ‘zombie clubs’.
I have held this opinion for many years, pre-dating as it is now…the Rangers-gate affair.
If we are prepared to ‘hurt’ ourselves for the greater good, if we are prepared to take our time and to lay solid foundations…then our game will rise triumphantly to new levels of achievement, of interest and of entertainment.
After all entertainment is the name of the game…by taking our time to make the right choices, we can hopefully avoid the type of stagnative, restrictive and prejudiced governance that’s assisted the fall from grace of our national sport over the years.
Growth isn’t just a possibility…it is a probability, even a certainty, if we now play our hands cleverly.
But that requires a decent poker face.
And in the current governance of our game, our leading bodies lack even a modicum of knowledge in the art of brinkmanship.
Many clubs may have to fold or to merge but if in doing so…our governing bodies do actually ‘govern’ and do what really is in the best interests of the game, then they will not pander to the gerrymandering brigade who through fear and bullying tactics have held back our game, killed competition stone dead and who only ever looked after themselves.
That club, though, is dead; the game may now having taken a step backwards, look to provide sustainable growth, steer itself in the right direction.
Fuelled up and ready to go, we can point our game towards the stars, to aim for the moon…engage our engines and begin the final countdown and….
‘watch our game take off’.
The future’s bright…the future’s green and white!
Ten seconds and counting, 9, 8, 7…!


4 thoughts on “'It's the final countdown'

  1. Change is necessary, change is needed in Scottish football, we have to evolve if we dont evolve we stagnate an to stagnate=death.

  2. Change is necessary, change is needed in Scottish football, we have to evolve if we dont evolve we stagnate an to stagnate=death.

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