'SFA chance of newco being admitted to the SFL division one'

I had a longer article prepared and ready for posting, one which took a wandering journey around quotes from the Irish philosopher, Edmund Burke, and which talked at length about the inaccurate reporting style of the average Scottish journalist.
For citation see the Twitter profile of “BBC Scotland’s senior football reporter” ‘Chris McLaughlin’.
For a profile which appears to purport its credentials as the official Twitter account of a “senior” BBC employee, it’s alarmingly shy of reporting and more frequently home to idele gossip, guessing and spewing forth of propaganda.
Unfortunately for me, though fortunately for you, my clumsy cursor control saw a lengthy and in-depth article deleted as the tab on which my piece was created was mistakenly closed…DOH!!
Anhow I will now very quickly and rather sheepishly rattle through today…erm, news!
It has been reported and citations (surprisingly) were available, that both Raith Rovers and Falkirk are very much opposed to a newco being admitted directly into the SFL division one.
It appears that with a vote to allow a newco entry requiring a 75% majority, or 22 clubs out of 29, to succeed…the task is now even more loaded against the club ‘formerly’ Rangers.
Other reports suggest an increased rate of player exodus at Ibrox and yet more internal conflict.
Charles Green states he is there for the long run…even though the club are at somewhat of an abyss and are staring directly into same.
Administration and liquidation are seemingly now probable.
The discipline matters are no nearer conclusion, seemingly, though watch out for startling developments in say the next week to ten days.
Rangers are still dead…they appear to have no mystical qualities and no biblical style miraculous powers, they are not about to be resurrected…’Rangers’ are not the second coming of this whole affair.
They are not even second division for gods sake.
Anyway…due to my stupid error with the mouse today, you got off lightly.
I’m off to sulk and to await some more news of a joyous and juicy nature…will tomorrow be that day?!
No…but it’s coming and soon!!
To be clear…the chances of division one…SFA (Sweet Fuck All)!!


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