So what is the problem of starting in Div 3 ?

Morton are the latest club to say no to newco in Div one. They Join Raith Rovers,Falkirk, Livingston who have threatened legal action should Sevco be parachuted into Div one. I’m sure over next few days enough SFL clubs will announce they will also refuse them entry. Basically only another 4 clubs need to declare a No vote to scupper the behind closed doors agreement to allow this to happen.
Ok, I could be accused of being biassed in my opinions on this matter being the admin of a large Celtic site but I don’t have to be I just need common sense.
Starting in Division three would:

  • offer a fresh start to a company linked to a toxic asset
  • It would show contrition and acceptance of wrong doing and down right cheating
  • It would ensure the integrity and fairness of the game in Scotland
  • Div 3 clubs would get a nice wee boost when sevco visit
  • They may attract some extra sponsorship money as there will be TV and media interest on how sevco are progressing.
  • Their players may improve playing against a sevco team which will have better player that the rest
  • As Sevco move up to Div 2 those clubs will receive the same benefits
  • I suspect SPL2 will be up and running by the time sevco reach the former Div one therefore those clubs gain in the same way as division 2 & 3 will have only the money in will be higher.

And finally and most importantly Sevco can then gain entry to SPL 1 and by that time their euro ban will be lifted. I have a wish that if things pan out the way I have set out above that by the time Sevco rejoin SPL1 the club and support will show a degree of humility and drop their supremacist delusions. Unfortunately although I believe the club will change the uneducated masses among their support won’t have changed. We can only hope that they are suitably diluted by then and Sevco can become a normal football club and not a right wing pro Unionist political organisation which the old club clearly were.
It’s time for Rangers fans groups to come out and declare they wish to start in division there with no favours and put this sorry mess to bed,

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