Destroying the lies

Mr James Traynor, you know the errr Airdrie fan went on a wee Save Sevco campaign yesterday so lets rip it to shreds eh. My comments are in bold just to avoid any uncertainty.
THE shape of things to come will be decided by close of play Wednesday. We should know by then if Scottish football has been big enough to edge back from the brink.

For months now there has been a savagery. The game has been ripping itself apart all in the name of fair play. Or was it sporting integrity?
No James, the reason that this whole situation has evolved is not down to the people discussing sporting integrity or fair play. It is indeed down to those who deceived every fellow license holder in the SPL. Notice here I do not mention the authorities of our game, apparently some of them were complicit in the deceit.
Forgive me, the reasons for the crisis that threatens to destroy Scottish football have been lost somewhere in the lust to tear and shred one club. It’s as though a century of hatred and probably jealousy have erupted.
Again, why not state the actual reason James ?
And the handful of reasoned souls left in the game are fighting a losing battle to cap the flow.
These “reasoned souls” would be easily summed up by saying James Traynor, Hugh Keevins, Neil Doncaster, Stewart Regan oh and Charles Green. Theres a bit of a pattern there, you see its all those trying to put out the flames of a forest fire thats burning near their arses with a CapriSun.
The trouble is too many men with influence have been working not for the good of the game but to selfish agendas. They’ve done bad things in the name of morality.
I could have left out the last word and it would have summed up Sir Moonbeam but no, lets laugh ourselves silly at that statement anyway.
They’ve abused their privileged positions and if there was any decency left in the sleazy, tacky football world they inhabit they would not be allowed inside Hampden this or any other week.
Are these really the innocent parties that Traynor is attacking here ? If so thats an incredulous statement to make. A few names crop up here again, I could be forgiven for agreeing with him while watching Regan and Doncaster trot up to their offices today to tell / influence / bully the Chairmen of SFL clubs who have done no wrong and have been placed in this position due to Regan and Doncasters inability to deal with the situation.
The dishonourable posing as protectors of the game’s integrity by making up laws and punishments as they go along.
These will be the men from legal backgrounds who were chosen by the SFA as they are impartial beimg slagged by a journalist who may have a qualification in shorthand although that claim can’t be backed up by myself, something similar to Traynors claims.
By arguing and pressing for more severe punishments and demanding that Rangers newco be stripped of titles and trophies won in the EBT years by another business entirely, they are inflaming and prolonging an agonisingly painful and damaging period. Anyone who believes that stripping the old Rangers of baubles will help solve this meltdown should be ignored, pushed aside because we are way beyond bragging rights.
So there you go a different business entirely ( play this card whenever it suits). Regarding his last sentence, no James we should take your lead and just sweep it under the carpet, after all clubs, organisations and individuals are obviously queing up to administer bragging rights. Only they aren’t are they ? Quite the opposite in fact. For months now it seems abundantly clear that absolutely no one wants to be the ones hammering the nail in the coffin incase they incur the wrath of those taking part in “marching season”.
One day the truth about the subterfuge, deception, and downright spitefulness used to prolong this saga might be told but right now those who are trying to save what is left of the game need to be given space.
That will be Traynor, Leggat, Dingwall, Bomber Brown and the Rev Ian Paisley then. I agree they should be given space, I saw a nice big blue one about 3 hours into my flight to America.
And hopefully the right and sensible decisions will be made when the SFL and SPL meet tomorrow and Wednesday respectively. Everything, the game’s fate and Rangers’ chances of survival never mind revival, depends on these leagues of gentlemen, if of course they do meet tomorrow.
Oh look Rangers make an appearance !!! But are they not a different business ?
Hopefully the meetings will go ahead and if honesty and common sense prevail we might just begin to emerge from the darkness and see clearly who is working for the game and who is working for themselves.
So there we have it, if clubs vote no they are working for themselves. But hold on, when Rangers Football Club were gaining an unfair advantage and I dont mean just the EBT years, I mean as recently as Jellyfish and Waldo they of course had the best interests of every club they were shafting at heart ? You see James it is only after all this investigating is over (hopefully that will include a corrupt UEFA, investigating a corrupt SFA, investigating a corrupt club) that light will shine on the Scottish game again.
Either they decide to let Rangers newco – who already know they don’t have the support of enough SPL clubs to get the share that would let them begin again at the top – kick off in the First Division or the way is cleared for them to start in the bottom tier.
Its not though is it James, theres that pesky license to get, theres audited accounts to get, theres gaurantees to give that Sevco FC can fulfill their seasons fixtures, there are all the same bills to pay for a 3rd division club (granted player salaries may now be on a par with a 3rd division club)then you have to influence all the folk that were shafted by the old club, that the new club really really wont shaft them again. That might work for the facepainters and flower shops but will it work with Strathclydes professional toilet wreckers and the Ambulance service ?
But research has shown the game will lose £16million if Rangers are dumped in the Third Division and frankly that would be too great a loss to an already impoverished business.
If I dont go to work tomorrow research has shown that I will lose £1.5 million. Na, thats bollocks really but throw in the words “research has shown” and some gullible clowns MIGHT believe you eh.
Supporters, of course, are entitled to be heard but the question is this: Are fans – forget the ones who can’t see beyond their own hatred – willing to see what they believe to be justice done no matter the cost or consequences?
There seem to be a lot of fans connected to a lot of clubs who according to Traynor cant see beyond their own hatred, and they say we are paranoid ?
Mark my words, clubs are already being squeezed by their banks who have seen Lloyds get out with all of their money back from Rangers. The other lenders also want shot of their football clients and they’ll be imposing tougher repayment plans on clubs, who will use these demands as excuses to make swingeing cuts on their budgets.
These will be the same banks who during the Moonbeam era were demanding other clubs paid their loans quickly at extortionate rates to quell their ability to sign new players or pay decent wages to ensure RFC remained dominant. RFC HAD to win the league because they HAD to get into Europes upper echelons because they HAD to repay loans they couldnt afford to pay without European prizemoney.
And when the doors are being padlocked let’s have no wailing or tears because too many clubs saw Rangers’ insolvency as an opportunity to promote their own agendas.
If you only listen to James Traynor and those writing in the old fashioned newspaper business you would quite rightly be terrified of the prospect of this. Yet James makes no mention or offers any proof that other clubs actually have an agenda, even so, according to James you have no right to wail, in fact you just have no rights ok.
They have the power to deny this new club any chance of life but they’ll be condemning themselves to a miserable, empty future.
Look !!! Its a newclub it must really suit again.
If this is what we wish then fine, deny Rangers an SPL share on Wednesday and SFA membership when the Appellate Tribunal sits again to decide a punishment acceptable in the eyes of the real law. If this is what upholding fair play means then let’s go for it.
This will be the Appelate Tribunal that tried every which way possible not to impose a stiff punishment that would have left the hordes spitting feathers and wanting to attack. They gave C Green esq every opportunity to say fair enough, we deserved that at least. But no, he decided to appeal it, like a petulent child and then when realising that the Appellate Tribunal had let them off in the first place he wanted to come to an agreement and wanted to be best of pals again.
Of course justice should be about fairness and handing down punishments that reflect the nature of crimes committed. It should always be about observing the law according to the rules and principles written down.
Obviously thats a great wee statement and one that I personally agree with. Where our paths go in a different direction is when a “but” is added. In this case Mr Traynors “but” moment is apart from when his paymasters are involved. When you add the “but” part it automatically negates the word “always” in his paragraph.
It’s a grotesque farce and one club chairman had to remove himself from the entire business yesterday. He had to plod along a west-coast beach in the wind and rain to try and clear his head.
Is it also a grotesque farce that some Chairmen of other clubs and office bearers within the SFA are shareholders who have a vested interest in how the voting goes ?
Is losing all credibility, standing in the game, SFA licence, SPL share and being treated with the utmost contempt not punishment enough?
Well, no James it isnt really. And thats not just in the eyes of the Celtic support. In fact at the moment it seems to be in the eyes of the majority of fans of football clubs in Scotland. I dont know, maybe we are all wrong and need the emminent expertise of Mr Traynor to enlighten us diddies. Throughout his article he drums in his view that everyone has an agenda in Scotland without disclosing his ? This is what anyone who takes in his version of Scottish football in the future should be questioning. Not what is the story, but what is the agenda behind the story.


2 thoughts on “Destroying the lies

  1. A correct summary of Mr Traynors article,when we have members of the SFA and directors of other clubs who are illegally,(SFA rules) shareholders in the Rangers and are now deciding their fate, the face of scottish football (corrupt)

  2. A correct summary of Mr Traynors article,when we have members of the SFA and directors of other clubs who are illegally,(SFA rules) shareholders in the Rangers and are now deciding their fate, the face of scottish football (corrupt)

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