SPL Predictor league for 2012/2013 update

Got in touch with the guy who developed the software and he sent me some screen shots. Looks great works exactly the same way as the euro predictor only difference is that because it’s the SPL I need to input all the data teams, matches date,stadiums etc. I’m quite happy to do that but I do need help with the funding.
As I said said yesterday I need some donations to raise the £25 I’m going to need to add to what we already have in the paypal account any spare cash left over from donations will be added to the proceeds from the book and split between our 4 charities. I’d like to get this started asap as I will have to spend a lot of time inputting all the data so we are ready to launch a week before the season which is not far off.
I’m more than happy to do that and manage it if we can raise the payment together asap.
PS Does anyone know how long it take to process a paypal payment considering we will be paying in EURO’s ?

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