D Day is Here or is it ?

I’m writing this at 1.14 am only because it’s too hot to sleep. Over the past few hours social media site especially Twitter has been overrun by stories that Celtic will vote Newco into the SPL in a deal made with Mr Green. I am highly sceptical of this story. Firstly Celtic alone can’t vote Newco in on their own and secondly I surfed around the web looking for the origin of this story which lead me to an interview John Brown gave to an Irish news paper. I won’t go into detail but lets just say he could give Hans Christian Anderson a run for his money.
There were also rumours of today’s meeting be adjourned with no vote taken passing the buck to the SFL who will vote on July 12th on whether or not Newco could enter Division one. Social media sites and the world wide web are fantastic platforms but news both fact or fiction can spread globally in a matter of seconds and before you know it the fastest case of Chinese whispers is on. So much information it’s simply too hard at times to pick a needle of truth from a giant hay stack.
So now it’s 1.28 am and I am none the wiser as to what will happen today at Hampden. One thing I am sure of is that when I wake in the morning social media sites will be in meltdown with rumours, truths, half truths, some  facts mixed in with well meant fiction and people claiming ‘they heard from a good source from here to Australia and back about the outcome of this important meeting.
The only certainty is that no one outside of those attending the meeting  and their board members will know how it will pan out. The rest of us will just have to wait until it is over.
So I’ll end with saying happy independence day to our brothers and sisters from the United States. I will now attempt to lie down and drift off to sleep.
It’s now 1.40 am and I bid you good night.

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