'Turning Tides – Part One'

Ok, ok, ok…where to start?!
Today was a historic day, today was a bold day, today was a day which long be remembered as the day the tide ‘first’ turned.
Amidst a tidal wave of attention, a strong, powerful but previously hidden force became evident.
This destructive menace was a reclusive under-current, it tried desperately to sneak, undetected past the many protective systems assembled around the shoreline…invisble to the naked eye, it appeared more of an imaginable than a tangible threat. The many newly assembled shore defence systems had previously been tested out in deep, deep waters…the on-rushing wave appeared too small to possibly overcome its surely impenetrable organisation and sheer magnitude.
Under the surface, the real story snuck up on unsuspecting victims who presumably believed that their lofty vantage point afforded them such an adequate level of protection from the horrid, unsightly and ‘pesky’ wave.
See, round these parts the sea had long threatened via its considered, its potential, violent and destructive side, it just never quite fulfilled the necessary force to make the threat become a reality. In its many previous violent and threatening poses, much destruction had successfully been avoided by the amazing arsenal of defences which frequently stalled the tidal waves progress just long enough to steady and calm the waters…it was seemingly an impregnable and formidable barrier, the sea appeared no real match for its organised nature and its imposing size.
This time however the threat was not really the ‘big wave’ itself, it was a massive underswell, invisible and deadly…the barriers may never have been breached before but nor had they been tested by anything quite of this magnitude.
The people on land, in days gone by, had been massively under-prepared, this time the wave engulfed them, this time they were so vulnerable and so exposed, that the expected second strike was now a very real, very dangerous possibility, perhaps even probability…they now knew that would have no answer to its impact, they must now pray for its mercy. Else they were done for, they’d surely be finished, they now knew it…their omnipotent sense of days gone by now felt more akin to great folly, than great power.
A second direct hit would wipe them out, now it was too late to assemble defences, now it was too late to flee to higher ground, now they were ruing their previous lack of respect…the sea at last had flexed its considerable muscle and a vengeance seeking wave wiped out the sanctuary for which the people had come to expect more than they’d come to be thankful of.
Mother nature can be a total bitch alright!
Another bizarre analogy I know, but again it felt necessary for me to stress the importance of the moment in such a dramatic and such a reflective fashion. The explanation is as follows;
Rangers were the shoreline, the land and all of its people. The wave was the SPL, the clubs and their disapproving attitudes and their reluctance to finish the jobs on previous occasions. The under-current, the massive under-swell, the real threat was the fans power, the power to propel the reluctant force of the wave, over each and through each barrier. The barriers themselves represented the threats, the bullying and the sheer organised delaying tactics of the naive, ignorant and un-assuming ‘former’ football club, Rangers F.C.!
Now this unsightly, un-apologetic and thoroughly unholy club has been swept aside, pushed further from the shore to which their existence relied and the destruction will be best evident when the waters return from where they came.
The sense of a previous omnipotence and a new-found sense of vulnerability, of exposure and of helplessness…that is to be reflected by the sheer sense of dread that the ‘former’ RFC must now have towards the SFL vote of July 12, that may very well be a much-anticipated, now much realistic and much feared second strike. A second direct hit will crush this newco, Sevco 5088, beyond any level for which they had previously prepared for, for which they had previously recognised as possible.
Mother nature is appearing to be both unforgiving and unrelentant…how they must fear her karma now!!
As a display of contrition, it was of course both worthless and meaningless, the weekends ‘apology’ was  a sham, it was a staged and manufactured act…they assumed it bought them forgiving votes, they assumed it created enough space for clubs to safely reconsider their previously stated position.
How stupid and how ignorant, Green and his cronies are.
The fans, the ‘under-swell’ was a massive force his late, his token, his frankly disrespectfully insincere ‘apology’ only served to motivate the shock and awe of the under-currents destructive will.
Today Mr Green, and his boss Mr Whyte, must now realise that their act of falsified , fraudulent contrition…may very well be amongst their last.
Rangers are dead, short live the Sevco!!


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