#CelticFamily Continue Charitable Traditions

Celtic Football Club is formally constituted in St Mary’s Church Hall in East Rose Street (now Forbes Street), Calton. The purpose is stated as being to alleviate poverty in Glasgow’s East End parishes.
As Celtic moves into its 125th anniversary, we the #CelticFamily continue to live by these traditions.
Everyone at this time has experienced difficulty in these hard economical times but it’s further proof that our supporters put this aside to help others.
These past few weeks have provided further proof of this and I would like to use this opportunity to provide evidence of this.
Hoops4Haiti  –  http://hoops4haiti.co.uk/
In a country which was already regarded as the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, A 7.0 Magnitude Quake struck near Port au Prince. This is considered to be the 2nd deadliest earthquake recorded.
Since that terrible day on 12th Jan 2010, Haiti has been blighted by aid, disease & political problems.
Hoops4Haiti was initially to setup a charity building an orphanage in Haiti. @swiftymac76 –  @plyons45 –  @dept9  & others got together to help use the worldwide famous Celtic hoops to help out.
You see in a ravaged country where in areas it can be pretty lawless, the Celtic hoops can act as a uniform to an orphange,  it means the people looking after the kids can spot them more easily if people try to kidnap them as does unfortunately happen.
With the success of this, the team have also looked at ways of helping the community by organising football events, for example “Ounaminthe Celtic” aka Les Gharcons https://twitter.com/swiftymac76/status/221700802476130305/photo/1 won their debut match 2-1.
Much more is needed but it’s been a tremendous effort helping out the people of Haiti overcame the many tragic obstacles put in their way and I’m sure the #CelticFamily will be more than happy too support them & help them succeed.
To keep an eye on #Hoops4Haiti visit http://hoops4haiti.co.uk/ or follow on Twitter @Hoops4H – Well done bhoys.
ALL Involved with @HomeBhoys , www.celticminded.com & Bobby Hughes.
I listen to the HomeBhoys podcast, I look forward to the banter of the show and was looking forward to the recent 50th podcast since it began. I recommend all too follow & listen for a laugh & crackin’ debate regarding everything affecting our club.
This 50th show though has given me something which I’ll genuinely keep for the rest of my days.
@AupaCeltic gave details of viewing a thread on CelticMinded. It was a thread which was listed by for who I believe a long-term member called Bobby Hughes. Going by accounts of friends I believe Bobby has always been regarded as a treasured and great member too CelticMinded so it was no surprise as to the attention this thread was to receive.
Bobby unfortunately was the bearer of some bad news, news that would affect most on the CelticMinded site – News that would go onto explain he had found out he was “off to meet his maker.” Bobby’s thread was put onto the forum simply as a thanks too all CelticMinded members, for the laughs they gave him, making him feel normal again.
Given Bobby’s reputation on CelticMinded this sad news was to generate massive interest & from what I believe this generated a typical #CelticFamily response.
Members on the forum would then unite, in honour of Bobby, donate memorabilia. Within 4 days £3,500 was raised for Bobby to donate to a charity of his choice. Yorkhill Sick Kids was to receive most of this with the remainder passed onto other charities I believe.
With this, the HomeBhoys came together with an idea of using a song put together by Joe McKenna aka @Joellercoaster . Joe & the HomeBhoys, including those involved with CelticMinded were more than happy too put this song out to help with additional fundraising.
Now for anyone who has yet to hear “A BHOY by Joe McKenna” I urge, recommend you go and buy this from either ITunes or BandCamp (Links for “A BHOY” both below)
A Bhoy is a terrific CelticMinded song which anyone who has a love for Celtic can associate with.
What better way than to celebrate Celtic by fundraising for such terrific causes, the way in which our great club was founded back in 1888.
It’s a great honour to be able to listen, talk and follow ALL these bhoys on Twitter & podcast and I sincerely hope that each venture goes on from success to success.
#Hoops4Haiti is a more long-term project and should hopefully gain momentum similar as that of the tremendous work The Kano Foundation, however it’s absolutely heart warming that through one great tims sad news, such great things can grow.
Since I listened too HomeBhoys and of Bobby Hughes, I have asked friends who have been members of CelticMinded for information, as said above I’ve only learned of the man being a good Celtic man and an integral part of the widely known Celtic Minded forum so I use this also to give a Huge HAIL HAIL to the man.
Please continue to follow these decent, fair minded Celtic men. They have continued the work started by Brother Walfrid using what we have as a Celtic community & family to help others. That surely has too be applauded & supported.
Links too A BHOY by Joe McKenna can be found below –
ITUNES – Joe McKenna/Hail Hail Media – A Bhoy – http://itun.es/ibD4NX #iTunes
BANDCAMP – http://joemckenna.bandcamp.com/track/a-bhoy

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