'If The SFA/SPL Done Corruption…It'd Probably Be The Most Obvious Corruption In The World'

I love those Carlsberg ads…you know the ones?! The ones where an ordinary situation is upgraded to its far fetched, fantasist level ‘dream status’.
If you’re a fan of ‘Extinct F.C.’…sorry Sevco, then I imagine the SFA, the SPL and the SFL boards are just that kind of governing body. These are your Carlsberg’s of governing bodies.
Surely the red carpet that they have continually rolled out, for the club formerly known as Rangers, has to come to an end sometime. Surely nothing, even the generosity of spirit and of goodwill, of ‘eye averting’ ignorance, of selective memories and of favourable P.R. given to the morally reprehensible Govan mob has to cease to exist or even to abate…surely this preferential treatment has a ‘sell by date’ or a less than infinite lifespan.
Surely the carpet will cease to roll much further; surely the public interest and the obvious nature of it, combined with the fact that it is widely known to be public and, truth be known, media knowledge too…oh and that it’s clearly been within both earshot and of visual range of ‘other governing bodies’ (queue UEFA/FIFA), will put paid to their stubborn resistance to the winds of change, to the calls of equality and with it will come the end of the ‘gravy-train’ line and of the blatantly ‘corrupt practices’, long suspected but now so clearly uninhibited and unrepentantly ‘advertised’ by the governance of Scottish football, by its custodiers and its hierarchical structures.
Like a Masonic society, its power and its influence relied so heavily upon its mystique, it being seemingly omnipotent and of its inferred, its indirect and its thinly veiled intimidatory ways…usually once the secretive veil is removed and the ‘smoke and mirrors’ are revealed, once unmasked and the illusion is spoilt, once outed and publicly identified however, these methods and their perpetrators rarely again inspire so much fear or obtain so much respect.
Usually, once the illusion is exposed…their days would be numbered.
It is in this respect that I must, albeit grudgingly, tip my hat in admiration to the wicked and callous gall of Scottish footballs mafia figures; now exposed to and vilified by, rather than hiding from its intense glare, to duck and to take cover from…this lot actually appear to welcome the spotlight and to treat it like an intended show of theatrical stage lighting. Indeed rather than to seek a premature end to this chapter, rather than to slink away behind its final curtain…like a limelight thieving trio of stage-hands, they hog the stage and posture up brazenly, to yell aloud a line or two and to lap up their moment of infamy.
Queue the members of the production team and their large hook…UEFA and FIFA this is your moment; this is when the natural order can be restored, this is where control can be gotten of these impulsive, ad-libbing, carried away showboating stage hands and this show brought back into line.
This is where UEFA and FIFA must state their, long overdue, voices of authority, to declare their intentions and to rule with iron fists…failure to do so will all but imply their membership of this ‘masonic brotherhood’, more or less confirm their complicity in our games failings and more or less condemn the game, both our and their own, to the ownership of whichever collective corrupters lay claim upon it.
Our game, both in Scotland and internationally, now requires firm guidance and urgent action…otherwise this will be footballs Carlsberg moment, only the dream is quickly turning into one of a nightmare-ish variety.
The message from Bonnie Scotland, from Ecosse is unequivocally “Over to you guys!”…on their heads be it to ‘be, or not to be?!’ governors of our game…now that is ‘THE QUESTION’!!

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