Regardless of today's vote the game may still be in turmoil

So it’s D- day part two. Part one saw SPL clubs refuse sevco entry to the SPL. Today SFL clubs will be asked to vote on 2 options,
1. Should sevco be voted into the SFL
2. Should sevco be voted into division three OR division one
At present it looks like option 2 will win the day but this still leave us in murky waters.
Sevco Scotland ltd which is basically a holding company for the some assets bought from Duff and Phelps the administrators of a club called Rangers who used to play in the Scottish leagues. However Sevco Scotland do not fit the criteria to be members of the SFA or the SFL.
If they are voted into Division 3 of the SFL then their could be legitimate challenges to this from clubs in the East of Scotland League or the Highland league. We’ll take one example of a club that most Scottish football fans will be aware of.
Spartans FC. The Edinburgh based club satisfy the criteria to apply for the vacant place available in SFL division three. If you visit their web site you will see an extremely well run and ambitious football club who have teams playing at different levels of the Scottish game including a ladies team.
Why should a club like Spartans who have applied before be by passed in this process? Spartans officials have indicated that they are ‘watching the events closely’. To me this suggests they may make a challenge for the vacant spot and they would have the laws of the game on their side.
There are also other clubs from that league who could rightfully make a challenge Gretna 2008,Vale of Leithen,Whitehill Welfare for example. All these clubs also satisfy the criteria to apply for the vacant division three spot. There are also a host of clubs from the Highland league who meet the criteria.
Now we all know including the SFA, SPL and SPL that sevco Scotland ltd do not satisfy the criteria to join any of the three national associations so why should they even be allowed to parachute into SFL division three ahead of clubs who satisfy the criteria ?
I have a feeling that whatever the outcome of today’s vote there is still a long way to go in this saga and I will not be surprised if any of the above mentioned clubs mount a challenge for the vacant thrid division space. I also have a feeling that Messrs Regan and Doncaster’s jaikets may be on a shoogly peg.

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