'Duty-Free Pot Calling Duty-Free Kettle…'

You know that old saying “That’s the pot calling the kettle black”? To be honest its not a favourite of mine, frankly it’s one which I rarely ever use on account of it’s idiocy.
Anyway rather than me explain its meaning to you bhoys and ghirls, I’ve left it to Wikipedia to be so insulting of your intelligence.
(Internal monologue) “The relevance of this Brian, tell them the relevance…now you fool, they’ll think yer crazy otherwise!”…Ahem! Sorry was day dreaming just then.
Yes so the relevance of this most idiotic of idiomatic phrases, well today I noted that Mr Charles Green had went off gallivanting. This would be the same Charles Green who has just 11 days in which to complete some very urgent business or other…though I forget what it is now.
Ah hell if it comes back to me I’ll make sure to share it with your good selves. 😉
Anyhow, where was I…ah yes ‘Mr Charlie and The Bhoys Green’, he went off to Switzerland to meet up with some folks or another; probably some of his investors who for reasons of a ‘taxation’ type nature choose to stay in a tax haven.
No of course it wasn’t, Mr Green would never do any kind of business with people like that, he’d never seek to profit from an enterprise even remotely historically connected with such immorality, at least so this ‘pot’ would have us all believe.
No today it would appear that Cheeky Charlie snuck off to Switzerland to paint a picture of morality to the good folks at UEFA, no doubt he took his halo and his angel wings along for corroborative purposes too.
This little cherub, Charles Green, today went to ask for sympathy, to plead his case and to exonerate himself to European footballs top brass.
He actually knows nothing of the irony of his actions, he is blind to all conventional reasoning or so it would seem.
The truth is he was playing out an act, a facade of massive proportions…truth is he needed not his angels costume but a begging bowl for the purpose of his real intent.
See Mr Green is speculated to be seeking ‘comfort’, yes more ‘comfort’…remember how he previously sought this of everyone in Scottish football too. Now he wanted the blessing of Uefa, he craved them to ordain a new level of understanding in respect of the previous Uefa guidelines on all matters concerning footballing debts. The cheek of it!
Mr Cherub…sorry CHARLES Green, hopes to avoid the previous and constant will of Uefa in respect of having to pay back all footballing debts ‘in full’.
Not that he has any intention of waiving the football monies due to Rangers previously, the ones he factored into his purchase of the dead clubs assets.
See Mr Green wants not to pay the old clubs debts but wants to accept all the monies due to them. He wants his cake and to eat it!
(internal monologue) “Damn it Brian enough with the idiomatic phrases already!!”
Ahem! Yes so…‘the monies due of oldco = not fair, the monies due to oldco =  fair game’, to paraphrase the man himself.
Around £3million of debts still remain outstanding of the oldco to European clubs. One of the stumbling blocks is that the SFA want evidence of Sevcos contingencies to settle these debts….Ah-ha “GOT IT, GOT IT!”
Ah hell, that was not quite as internal a monologue as I’d have hoped for!
What I, clearly, ‘just got’ was a reminder of the urgent business, you know the one with a maximum of 11 days to be fully resolve.
I’ll start that bit again, shall I?!
Around £3million of debts remain outstanding from the oldco to European clubs…quite a legacy of debt I suppose for a third division outfit! 😉
One of the stumbling blocks being that the SFA want evidence of Sevco Scotland Ltd’s contingency plans that would see them settle these debts.
It is quite a major stumbling block seen as the SFA are insistent that this matter be resolved and fully evidenced prior to them agreeing membership of the association with the newco.
No doubt upon his return from Swiss ‘duty-free stores’, Mr Green will resume talks with the SFA in the further hope of getting as bit of slack, an amicable understanding, eh another ‘degree of comfort’, no doubt.
Mr Green said: “Part of the conditions for the newco to meet to satisfy SFA membership is that there are certain old club debts to European clubs.” (Note the ‘pot calling’ language beginning…here Mr Green appears to be distancing himself and Sevco from ‘old club’ debts)
“It is not inconsiderable, it is about £3million that has been accumulated as part of the historical baggage.” (‘historical’…much like ‘old club’, suggests a distancing of the two, he is really preparing the ground works here)
“These are oldco debts newco has got to face up to and this is the frustration we’ve had as a group where at times we are newco so we have to sit in this particular box. However when it is convenient we are still oldco so we have to suffer the sins of the fathers.” (Wow, wow…back up Charlie, you say what?! Here it appears so distinct that in tone he appears to be ‘complaining’, of hinting at a sense of ‘victimization’. Whats more, he appears to be insinuating that the barriers are ‘too high’ and that he’d like them to be removed. These were the very barriers he was always going to come across when speculating on purchasing an insolvent football club, these were the kind of barriers Brian Kennedy suggested would make a newco ‘infeasible’ and that perhaps scared off Bill Miller and anyone else who done the maths. Perhaps this ‘proper Charlie’ is the kind of boy who at school sports days held the egg firmly upon the spoon using his free hand, whilst the honest souls tried in vain to balance the bloody thing and reach their greater natural top speed…bit of a snail and a tortoise story emerging here!)
“Nevertheless what I want to go and say to these clubs as well as UEFA is that we are here for the long haul, we want to be honourable, we are people who face up to responsibility but we want some help in meeting these because we do want to get Rangers back to the top of the pile and when we do get back into Europe – whether it’s five or 10 years or 20 years – we want to walk back with our heads held high.” (Ah the admirable, angelic side to this con mans exterior…now he wants to proclaim his willingness to do the right thing, I bet he told the teachers that he’d donate his school sports day prizes to charity too!)
I won’t even get started on the ‘in it for the long run’ balloney…I’ll save that for a later blog of its own.
“We don’t want them to be waived, we don’t expect them to be waived and part of me says why should a club waive its debts when it’s done its thing honourably.” (Ah so here we see the allure that makes Mr Whyte…sorry Mr GREEN, quite the thinking womans crumpet, even if he is a smarmy son of a bitch!)
“Equally I think I would like the clubs and UEFA to recognise these are not my debts, this is a gesture and for them to work with us where we can come to some amicably agreeable settlement and move forward together as friends.” (There we have it, if all the contrition, he didn’t try…if all of the humbleness has run dry…if all the pleading of poverty has fallen on deaf ears…if all of the sulking has been ridiculed…THE TRUTH, roll out the truth! Here Mr Green shows his real colours, he rears his brass-neck out for all to see above the respectable attirement of his shirt and tie, here he says it plainly and clearly “these are not my debts”. They are you know Charlie, they bloody well are! See when Charlie, I’m gonna stop giving him the gentleman’s tag of Mr Whyte…sorry GREEN, Mr Green!
(internal monologue) ‘Where the hell are my Tourette medications, it’s getting really bad today?!’
Yes so Charlie-bhoy, you bought the club…you bought the assets of the deceased Rangers FC and you did so knowingly and willingly. You want to have everyone ‘buy’ into the myth that Sevco will soon be Rangers and that the history is intact, you want the assets yet to be realised, even though they link you to the ‘toxic’ element of the carcass you pick upon you blood-thirsty vulture you. You want the players to be ‘duped’…damn it…sorry, ‘TUPED’ over to newco, that much of the old you most certainly wanted, that and the stadium, the crest, the intellectual properties of and the heart and bloody soul of ‘the old club’. You just don’t really fancy the tough reality of the football business to come into the purchase.)
See Charlie and his anonymous investment team are of a mind to have bought any kind of business that they could make a ‘killing’ of, in most businesses they could of course have stripped the assets, the ‘skeleton’, of this deceased corporate carcass bare and left the toxic elements to rot away through time…natural wastage I think it’s best termed to be. But this my friend is football, a business like no other, a business within a business, within a business…here the rules of standard insolvency are to a degree followed but then yet more levels of bureaucracy must then be followed, yet more ‘hoops are to be jumped through and yes more obstacles will be set in your path.
We, of course know by now that Charlie doesn’t do obstacles, he does the flat sprint while others do the hurdles but he wants to compete in the same race. Well perhaps he should have just invested in another business, one devoid of such self regulations…and they say he had a football background?! Not that you’d know it from how ignorant he must have been to the rules and regulations of the game.
Appears to me that the financial doping of RFC may now be over in a fiscal, budgetary sense…but the cheating and the race within a race philosophy lives on without any contrition or any guilt and embarrassment, through Charles Whyte…damn, GREEN and his Sevco cohorts.
Just where does this all end…outside of a ‘footballing carcass’, I’d assume.
I’ll save that for another blog though!
Hail Hail chaps and chap-esses

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