Albert,Dougie and Wim by Paul Larkin. Book Review

Paul’s latest release combines three previous books From Albert With Love, Dougie, Dougie and Wims Tims with a glimpse of the next one to come. If you have the these three it’s well worth buying this ltd edition which gives us not only an extra 20,000 words but a glimpse of how the books were written through the medium of channelling Charlie Mulgrew parts 1,2&3 written in true Paul Larkin style “feckin raj”.
What can I say about A Paul Larkin book that I’ve not said before? I’m sitting here scratching my head and then it hits be like a train. Lots of things, lots of things that I think are great like writing in yer ain tongue the way that ye would speak tae any cunt ye knew or met. I could sit and write aboot this phrase or chapter or paragraph, how I felt aboot it which I will as I go on but to me Pauls books are a celebration of of yer local dialect, patter call it wit ye want and I  think that’s wit draws me intae reading and enjoying his books.
This latest book Albert , Dougie and Wim kicks off with “Channelling Charlie Mulgrew” which I think shows more maturity it’s as if Paul’s becoming more comfortable in his writing ability and his self in general. I find myself being totally immersed in his words  His tales drag you right into Paul Larkin’s world and and creates amazing imagery in your head. You are there when Paul as he opens his fridge door only ti find a single packet of hotdogs or pacing up and doon a room the size of a postage stamp in New York. And by the way when you read the book you’ll probably want to give the butcher a good kick in the hawmaws or set aboot him in some way.
I’m no a patient guy so I’m no a great reader of books . I prefer the lazy version of lying doon listening to an audio book and I could probably count in just over 10 fingers how many books I’ve willingly read from cover to cover. Paul’s books are different well to me they are don’t know what anybody else thinks. I started reading this latest book and before I knew it I’m at page 75 reading over well into From Albert with love and believe me it takes an interesting book for me to do that. I felt as if I’d been divorced and living in New York for aboot 2 years living in an apartment block surrounded by punters who could also have done with a good swift kick, and before I knew it I was back watching Scottish football in the 80’s it’s just wonderful reading. There are some cracking stories from various people surrounding that i special day at Love street in 1986 Which finishes off with some words from yer man Albert Kidd forever a Celtic Legend.
Then it’s time for “Channelling Charlie Mulgrew part two” where we pick up from the beginning of the book. I should publish a warning here. If you at all squeamish don’t read the bit Aboot the landlady and her Vagina, well at least it was only tongue in cheek, but still a worthy excuse for Paul to move to new digs !
Paul’s been quite clever and generous in including the ‘Charlie Mulgrew’ stuff and cleverly uses these parts of the book to stitch together what is essentially three separate books. It basically goes to show the thought process Paul has went through before writing each book and adds to the overall fun and enjoyment of reading the book as a whole. If you already own the three books this book is still worth the investment.
From Pauls tales of made up families, banging doors and hooking up with Albert kid the book moves on to Pauls follow up book titled Dougie,Dougie a title taken from the inquest into bent referee Dougie MacDonald where MacDonald claims his lines man shouted “Dougie, Dougie” to cover his tracks for cheating Celtic out of a penalty. This part of the books is mainly a collection of blogs written by Paul during the and after the events of that day in Dundee when refgate kicked off and also includes an interview with Dominic Diamond.
We are then treated to the final part of “Channelling Charlie Mulgrew” where Paul entertains us with his tales of trying to get Simon Donnelly with the help of Jackie McNamara to recreate his chip against Rangers in the semi final we lost 2 – 1 but only this time to get it right lol. This part of the book gives us a good insight into how Wim’s Tims was researched with the usual good fun along the way.
And then it’s on to Wim’s Tims. The story of how Jansen’s team which included Donnelly and McNamara stopped the tainted tax dodging 9 in a row dead in it’s tracks and also includes an interview with Simon Donnelly and a couple of others. Once again Paul’s writing vividly guides us through the season in typical entertaining Paul Larkin fashion and the nail biting final day when we clinched the title at Celtic park.
The book ends with another few chapters of the life and times of Paul Larkin and just like the rest of the book some passages leave you in stitches. It’s just the way Paul writes his books well researched/recalled, entertaining and most of all funny as fuck don’t get me wrong there is some serious subjects throughout the book but in the main it’s entertaining and that’s the best reason for buying a book. I’m now looking forward to reading His next book, I’m a Larkin Junkie !
The book will be on general release from Wednesday August 1st
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